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Zhonghaide (Fujian) industrial equipment Co.,Ltd. is the goal of “integrating the industry's best resources and striving for the industry's best reputation”. We have more than ten years of experience in serving the industrial industry in Fuzhou City and has the right to import and export. It is a leading equipment supplier in the field of automation in China.

Zhonghaide is mainly engaged in industrial automation products such as DCS system modules, frequency converters, sensors, and pressure measuring elements in developed countries in Europe, the United States and Japan.The company relies on a quality team which has focused R&D, production, and manufacturing of automation equipment upgrade solutions for production lines.Meanwhile,keep perfect after-sales services.

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2: If you find that other suppliers provide lower prices for the same products, we are also willing to provide you with further discounts based on their prices. If there are any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

3: Please let us know that you have any need for spare parts, spare parts, we can give you further assistance, we are waiting for your inquiry.

Warranty: goods to the demand side in 15 days if there are quality problems can be returned, one year that if quality problems can be free of maintenance, except for man-made.

China Hyde Professional Sales Import Control Products

Main Products: Module Cards Inverter Power Supply Cable cpu Controller DCS PLC Robot Spare Parts Servo Touch Driver

84620660 IFS 258-10/2W

84621410 IFD 258-3/1Q

84621420 IFD 258-3/2Q

84621430 IFD 258-5/1Q

84621440 IFD 258-5/2Q

84621450 IFD 258-10/1Q

84621460 IFD 258-10/2Q

84621610 IFD 258-3/1W

84621620 IFD 258-3/2W

84621630 IFD 258-5/1W

84621640 IFD 258-5/2W

84621650 IFD 258-10/1W

84621660 IFD 258-10/2W

TB820V2 3BSE013208R1

YPK112A 3ASD573001A13

AO810V2 3BSE038415R1



DSAX452 SE9766F628



SDCS-CON-2B 3ADT309600R0012

YPQ 110A

DSQC223 YB560103BD/3

DSQC504 3HAC5687-1



YYE109A YT212001-AB/6

YYE109A YT212001-AB/4



SKT-1 57156155

3BSE030220R1 CI854AK01






ABB power supply board APOW-01C

ABB main circuit interface board AINT-02C

ABB inverter AGDR-71C

ABB Thyristor trigger board AINP-01C

Honeywell XP502

control card CSB01.1C-PL-ENS-EN2-NN-S-NN-FW Rexroth +Curing software MPB04u46051 R911312231

AB Voltage output module/1746-NO4V// 1746-NO4V//

AB frame/1756-A10// 1756-A10//

AB 16-point input module/1746-IA16// 1746-IA16//

AB 7 slot rack/1756-A7// 1756-A7//

AB CPU module/1756-L61// 1756-L61//


Converter 38B6041X152 Fischer

SEW Insert card PN:08243085

DSQC663 3HAC029818-001/07 ABB robot controller

AB PLC controller 1756-L61B

AB Communication controller module 1756-CNB/E

AB Power supply1756 PA72/C

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