Villa Elevator

Non-well Solution Plan

While installing villa elevator near the corridor or outside the villa, bent forming steel frame and steel frame out of aluminum alloy section material are your first-choices in quickly building up elevator well .Steel structure well frame, it is of high cost performance. N Later outer plating will be packaged by decoration unit. It coincides with design style. Free selection of installation position. Surface painted& anti-rusting treatment, anti-corrosive. Aluminum alloy well frame, elegant and attractive independent framework glass design, No extra building cost. Small domestic liftsintegrate with indoor decoration into one with fine transmission of light. Free selection of installation position. Anti-corrosive long life cycle. It chooses industrial level aluminum alloy. Glass applies 5+ 5mm thickness safety laminated glass.

Steel Belt Vlla Elevator

Steel band traction technolology1. has. been controlled by foreign-invested elevator factories. Following such technological break-through, the company leaders firstly grasp this business opportunity. It lays importance upon researching into, developing and quickly putting out the first set of steel band traction type villa elevator. Steel band applies special material package. Steel wire is not rusty. It does not wear the traction sheave. It needs no lubricating oil. It is maintenance-free with the longer life, large frictional coefficient, the more powerful traction capacity. Car can be 20%lighter. It reduces energy consumption. Compact permanent magnet synchronous and gear-less traction machine, small axis diameter traction sheave, diversion sheave, counterweight sheave bring about the smaller well projection area. It can save 15% of well area. Meanwhile, it greatly reduces top-floor and pit space.

Traction Type Villa Elevator

According to house structure door-opening requirements, backpack frame style or portal frame style elevator structure for your choice. VVVF drive technology special-purpose micro-computer panel control, smooth and comfortable. Special purpose traction machine is fixed in guide rail. Building does not bear any load. Host: Small house liftsapply220V~ 380V single-phase power supply, ordinary home-use power. It needs no additional application of industrial power. Automatic door machine: Variable frequency energy-saving safe and reliable. UPS (spare power) can emergency release passengers at power failure. One-key dialing tele makes roll call to 3-5main family members at emergency conditions. Total rated power 1.5KW in operation (including 1.1KW drive system). Power is less than a micro-wave oven. It saves8O% power compared with small commercial elevator. Intellectual service: It links with owners mobilethrough network. It executes real-time monitor to elevator running conditions.

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