B1,A2 Fire-Proof Aluminium Composite Panel

ACP in the aluminum:Aluminum used SWA 3000,5000 series, Qilu Petrochemical special plastic, the United States DUPONP polymer membrane, where de France Connaught protective film, the United States in PPG70% above fluorocarbon paint from the production of .

Fire resistant ACP:Fire-resistance aluminum composite panel :

  1. can achieve Hard burn B level. 2. Our FR acp has passed the international certification , such as SGS,CE and environmental protection .3. The plastic is flexible and can not be broken off. 4. We can produce and do OEM for the domestic fraternities who also are specialized in producing acp . and other fraternities can bring aluminum coil, protective film , adhesive fim to our country , then we can produce the FR acp for you .we just charge five RMB per square and we guarantee the wastage is not more than 5%. 5. The Fire-resistance granules produced by our company can also achieve hard burn B level. We assure the extruder of plastic is normal. And the FR granules supplied to a lot of famous acp manufacturers at home and abroad have a good press.We are .

with three-dimensional marble ( real unevenness):1. high simulation: the appearance is similar to nature granite than the natural stone coating. The spurious can be mixed with the genuine by the sense of sight. 2. stain-resistance: the surface is smooth and hard to stratify the dust which can keep the effect of appearance for longer time. 3. weather-ability : fluororesin and Superior atmospheric coating can last the color bright with the technology of separating the UV. 4. water-proof: the coating has more advantage of water-proof than others. When it rains, the surface of wall will not absorb the water to pretend the building. 5.light and safe: the weight with 5 KG/M2 is very light which is equal 1/20 of the stone material and 1/10 of face brick. There is no any hidden danger. 6. prompt construction: about 50m2 can be finished by one person per day. The color is various and the colors can be collected freely. 7. low pollution: the PVDF unevenness coating is smooth and water-proof, the dust will not seep and deposit. 8. wide scope of application: because it belongs to the coating products, the limitation of usage is very big. The basal plane can choose concrete, PC panel, ALC panel, asbestos board and other complicated building parts. 9. cost: the cost will be lower then the stone and other metallic curtaining materials.

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