Brand new 3mm 4mm acp made in China

adopt 3000,5000 series of south-west aluminum,special plastic of Qilu Petrochemical, polymer film of America DUPONT and American PPG paint with more than 70% fluorocarbon, with annual output 4 million square meters.

ACP in the aluminum:Aluminum used SWA 3000,5000 series, Qilu Petrochemical special plastic, the United States DUPONP polymer membrane, where de France Connaught protective film, the United States in PPG70% above fluorocarbon paint from the production of .

Nano ACP:The Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of newly developed coatings nano-coating production, with super Kang Wu capacity.

Fire resistant ACP:Hunan Institute of class A plastic, B1 level, B2-fire plastic composite core material from production.

Stainless steel Panel:a composite of imports of stainless steel, complete with stainless steel surface properties and improve the impact strength, and the formation of low production costs, for the present alternative thick stainless steel plate products. Plastic drawing a variety of stainless steel plates, stainless steel smooth plastic plates, plastic mirror stainless steel plate, and so on. We are .

Plastic copper :the use of the surface of copper production volumes from, a variety of copper wire drawing plastic plates, plastic smooth copper plates, copper mirror plastic plates, plastic classical copper plates, plastic plates, and other patterns of copper

Panel Dimension

STANDARD WIDTH: 1250mmAVAILABLE WIDTH: 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500mmAVAILABLE LENGTH: AS you likeAVAILABLE THICKNESS: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mmAVAILABLE SKIN THICKNES: 0.3mm - 0.5mm*Note:FR A2 Max Width 1500mm

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