Wool Carpets

Wool carpet is a carpet made of wool as the main raw material. It is a high-grade product in carpet. It is generally used in high-grade hotels, meeting rooms, reception rooms, villas, national venues and other high-level places.


Function Of Wool Carpets

01 Easy To Handle And Anti-Fouling Ability


Wool carpet is very easy to handle and anti-fouling ability is particularly strong. Because wool contains less than 0.5% lanolin, and wool fiber has three layers, the surface of wool is scaly layer, its growth has a certain direction, each scales in one end of the hair root is connected with the cortex, the other end is spread out, a piece of linking cover makes the structure of wool tough, dust is not easy to fall into wool, so wool carpet has natural anti-fouling ability, not difficult to handle.

02 Keep Warm & Regulate Heat And Cold


Wool carpet can not only keep warm but also regulate heat and cold because of its thermal insulation and air permeability.

03 Good Flame Retardancy


Wool carpet has good flame retardancy and no static electricity. The burning point of wool is about 550 C, and it is not easy to melt when burning.

04 Good Sound Absorption Ability


High quality wool carpet has good sound absorption ability and can reduce all kinds of noise.

Classification Of Wool Carpets

01 Classification By Wool Content


1) Pure wool carpet: carpet with more than 90% wool content.

2) Wool carpet: carpet with more than 80% wool content.

3) Blended carpet: carpet with 20-80% wool content.

02 Classification By Production Process


1)Machine tufted carpet.

2) mechanism Wilton carpet.

3) Woven Akminster carpet.


1) Pure hand-made carpet.

2) Hand-made gun-pierced carpet

Maintenance of Wool carpets

First of all, the front of the wool carpet should be kept clean once every three days with a vacuum cleaner. It's normal for wool carpets to shed a little wool in a year, but it won't be a problem if the floating wool is clean after a year. If the maintenance method is correct, the wool carpet can be used for about 10 years.


Secondly, in addition to daily cleaning with vacuum cleaners, if you need deep cleaning, you can ask professional carpet cleaning companies to use professional equipment to clean.


Finally, if there are stains on the carpet, you can buy professional carpet cleaning foam and cleaning powder, and wash wool carpet according to instructions. If it gets wet, it must be thoroughly dried with a dryer


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