WPC Decking

Although We have dedicated ourselves into high performance composite outdoor deck flooringfor 10 years, there is no end on technology and performance, we treat every client as our long cooperation friends, to decorate your yard more beautiful, to make your WPC decking projects more stable and attractive.

You will always find the composite deck flooring wholesaleyou need, because Sundi has the most comprehensive series of decking from co-extrusion decking to deep pattern decking, from traditional decking to Adamas decking, from rubber co-extrusion decking to decking tiles, Sundi has the different production lines to produce different generation decking.And Saudi is one of the most professional composite decking importersin China.


1 Higher performance decking

Higher performance decking, the Adamas WPC performance is 2-3 times better of General decking, Sundi Adamas decking keel span can reach 80-100 CM. This is the leading technology all over the world.

2 Complete ranges and diversified surface

Complete ranges and diversified surface, from General decking to Adamas decking, from Co-extrusion decking to Deep pattern decking. Here you will always find the decking you want, whatever the beautiful surface or high performance decking, so check our decking page.

3 Excellent dimensional stability

Excellent dimensional stability(3-5*10) and lower water absorption rate (1%), we are the technical plant to research more technologies on WPC, from the performance to outlook, so welcome you to send us your new idea to research the new type of WPC decking.

4Adapt higher temperature area

The higher performance let Sundi decking can adapt higher temperature area or other hostile environment. Wherever you stay, Sundi WPC decking will be your best choice.

Sundi WPC: Dedicating to be one of the most professional wpc commanufacturers in china! We sincerely invite and welcome people from all around the world to invest and create more values together.

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