Unscrewing Cap Mould 0440

2k MouldName: Unscrewing Cap Mould

Part Material: PP+TPE

Product Size:

Product Description:

Mould Cavity:

Mould Size: 750*810*700mm

Suitable Injection Machine:

Mould Cavity Steel:

Mould Injection System: Mold Master Hot Runner

Mould Ejection System:

Mould Cycle Time:

Mould Life Cycle:

Lead Time:

Mould Features: unscrew thread automatically,

About Hanking Mould

HanKing Mould Enginering Ltd. started the business in the year of 1996 as a chinese molding companiesin the line of mold making and injection molding in Longgang, Shenzhen, China. With continuous developments and progresses, we have become a professional Chinese plastic injection tooling company, offering custom plastic injection molding service, plastic molding manufacturing and other mould making services.

Following the concept of customer first, HanKing Mould dedicates to be a trustworthy tooling company by designing and manufacturing plastic injection molds, providing custom plastic molding manufacturing and services according to every individual's requirements.

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