Plastic Molding

As a cnc machining companyin china, ETCN cnc machining and manufacturingcovering different fields in china cnc machining and manufacturing services like iron metal casting services, cnc machining (including plastic) services, cnc milling services, cnc punching services and cnc turning services china.

The product shaped by ETC injection and extrusion molding has high dimensional accuracy and a good surface. Different materials can be produced according to customer needs. As one of the custom injection molding companiesand plastic moulding suppliers, we provide plastic molding services, such as polyethylene moulding, PVC mouldings interior, custom rotational molding, and industrial moulding, etc. We are also good at design for manufacturing injection molding. We would offer plastic moulding price with lower custom plastic molding die cost.

The thermoplastic foam injection molding is one of the popular plastic injection molding type which need less volume to be injected into the mold.

Advantages of Plastic Molding


The surface accuracy of complex metal and plastic casting is extremely high, and the shape error of the same batch of products is small.

Process Cost

As for the plastic moulding die costand custom plastic molding cost, there will be relatively high mold cost but low single-piece cost.

Typical Products

Automotive Plastic Parts, Consumer Electronics Plastic Shells, Etc

Suitable For Production

Generally the injection and extrusion molding of plastic molding only Suitable for Mass Production.

Fast Processing Speed

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