Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate

Semix collagen hydrolysate grass fedis a food additive prepared by moderate hydrolysis of animal bones, skins, tendons, tendons, scales, etc. It is in the form of light yellow to yellow solids such as granules, flakes, powders, etc., without unpleasant odor, soluble It is insoluble in hot water, glycerin and acetic acid, insoluble in cold water, ethanol, and ether, but can slowly absorb water to expand and soften.

The Differences Between Pork And Beef Gelatin

Gelatin Material

Pork gelatin is made from the collagen in pigskin and beef gelatin is made from bovine hide.

Gelatin Flavor

The taste of pork gelatin is lighter than that of beef, but both are tasteless when cooked.

Melting Point of Gelatin

Beef gelatin has a higher melting point than pork.

Density Of Gelatin

Pork gelatins have a lower density than beef gelatins, meaning they are more likely to float on top of water or oil.

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