Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Charger


With a stylish and innovative design, this charging pad eradicates the need for messy wires. The portable Bluetooth speaker wireless charger can be used both at home, at the office, and on the way. The small size and USB connectivity make this your ideal portable wireless charger.


Using Bluetooth technology, this fast wireless charger with bluetooth speakerhas a 10-meter range so you can control your tunes from anywhere in the house. We have good sound quality to soften your heart, relax your body and mind, and wireless chargers eliminate the trouble of finding a charging cable.


When a call comes in, press the answer button and any music which is being played will fade and you can take the call on your Bluetooth speaker. Once the call has ended then music playback will continue.

Wireless charger supplier Meree works to produce the best wireless charger. We have a new wireless wireless chargerwholesale and custom wireless charger design. If you are looking for the best wireless charging pad, please contact our professional team. We will provide quotes and suggestions free of charge.

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