C2-LFP228WS with high stability, long cycle life and excellent safety characteristics. C2-LFP228WS lifep04 cellsis lightweight and compact, making it ideal for use in portable electronics. LiFePO4 batteries are also environmentally friendly and have a low risk of thermal runaway.

Specification of C2-LFP228W/S 228Ah LiFePO4



Dimension (Welding terminal)

Dimension (Screw terminal)


228Ah (1/3C) @ 25℃100DOD%

SOC window

10 ~ 90%







  1. >0℃)2.0V (T≤0℃)


Maximum continuous charge


Maximum continuous discharge


Energy density





Operation (Charge)

0 ~ 55℃

Operation (Discharge)

-20 ~ 55℃

Self-Discharge Rate

Count after fresh cell need Standard Charge to 50%SOC and storage at 25±2°C for 3 months


Cycle Life

1C/1C, 80% DOD 25℃

2500 cycles

Abuse test

Overcharge, Over-discharge, Short, Heat

GB/T 31485-2015

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