Mini Waterproof Micro Switch

Types of Mini Waterproof Micro Switch

G19 Series Waterproof Seat Adjustment Switches

Sealed design, IP67 protection level, applicable in different extreme environments

Mini Waterproof Micro Switch G303R

Featured with built-in PCB board and tailored resistors.

Mini Waterproof Micro Switch G303

A very mature series certified by tens of thousands of successful application cases in the automotive industry. Instantaneous contact structure.

Mini Waterproof Micro Switch G306

With long travel and can be used without levers.

Mini Waterproof Micro Switch G309

New product launched that exclusively matches the design of many famous automobile vehicle brands.

Mini Waterproof Micro Switch G303A/B

With excellent performance, it can fulfill most of the requirements in product design.

Mini Waterproof Micro Switch G304F

Mute structure with sliding contacts.

Mini Waterproof Micro Switch G304G

Clipping contact design.

Mini Waterproof Micro Switch G304A

Oblique push can be applied when equipped with a lever.

Mini Waterproof Micro Switch G304B

Multiple choices of mounting posts generate different application possibilities.

Mini Waterproof 24 Volt Micro Switch G305

Unique side leads wire design and instantaneous contact structure.

Mini Waterproof Micro Switch G307

Well sealed and with mute structure of sliding contacts.

Mini Waterproof Micro Switch G304D

It is so universal that you could find it in vehicle doors, shared helmets, charging devices, etc.

What is a Micro Switch in a Car

By the name automotive limit switch, or micro switch in car, definitely we mean micro switches designed for use in cars. Mini waterproof micro switch are located in over 100 positions of an automotive vehicle, including most typical appication positions such as door locks, door handle, tailgate latch, engine hood, shifting system, seats, and seatbelt buckle etc. To survive the extremly limited and humid operating environment in vehicle, most of micro switches for car are with subminiature size, IP67 waterproof protection level, and usually equipped with fully sealed terminals connected by lead wires. Car micro switch is one of the most famous fist products of Unionwell, we are long term manufacturer to many famous Tier2 or Tier3 automotive components suppliers in the world.

Mini Waterproof Micro Switch Features

Unionwell automotive micro switch has the following features, comparing to normal waterproof micro switch for car:

Well sealed. The gasket at pin plunger, the case and cover, and also the side/bottom of base from where lead wires come out are well sealed with specially developed glue, which meets the requirement of IP67 level protection. This feature helps prevent the switch from not only the pollution of water during operating process, but also the possible invasion of dust and other tiny particles.

100% automation. The whole process of production, inspection, and product screening are all conducted by automatic devices, 100% automation ensures the production efficiency and also quality consistency, this is Unionwell's advantage in both domestic and international markets.

Unionwell mini waterproof micro switches in car are all ENEC, CQC, UL/cUL certified, global safety approvals help avoid customers' concern about access permit in different markets.

Application of Mini Micro SwitchIn Car

Unionwell mini waterproof automotive micro switch is usually selected by customers from automotive and also new energy industry. It is used in over 100 posistions of automotive vehicles such as door status detecting, window lifting, battery management, seating adjusting, and more. As the rising of EV industry from China to the whole world, Unionwell also keeps our pace with the time and has successfully developed revolutionary G303R Series with inner PCB and resistors for EV charging devices, this change has brought a brand new era to the EV industry.

FAQs of Mini Waterproof Micro Switch

What's special about mini waterproof micro switch?

IP67 sealed design, compatible with most automotive manufacturing brands. Well sealed by special formulated glue in essential posistions including gasket, connecting gap, base, and lead wires, to prevent pollution from water, dust, and other tiny particles in extreme operating environment

Why is a mini waterproof micro switch waterproof?

Depending on the special application environments in automotive or new energy industries. In most of automotive application cases, micro switch is designed to expose in extreme operating scence, under this kind of situation, customers still want to maintain stablized performance and long service life, waterproof protection level become the first choice to fullfill the requirement

What is a mini waterproof micro switch used for?

Locking control, seating control, shifting control, charging devices, etc. Mini waterproof micro switch is mainly developed for application in passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, electrified vehicles and also hybrid vehicles. Over a hundred application positions make our switch an indispensable component in automotive manufacturing industry.

What kind of mini waterproof micro switch does Unionwell offer?

Switches with high quality and reliability, complied with requirments of global safety certifications. Unionwell is one of the most professional mini waterproof micro switch manufacturers, plenty of automotive project experience helps provide our customers with most appropriated customizedswitch solution, reasonably competitve quotation and considerate after service.

Automotive micro switchis used in a wide range of applications, from controlling the headlights and windshield wipers to managing the electronic systems that control the engine and transmission. Without these tiny but powerful components, modern cars simply wouldn't be able to function properly.

If you're in the market for high-qualityautomotive micro switches, then look no further than theautomotive micro switchsupplier-Unionwell Micro Switch. With our expertise and wide range ofmini waterproof micro switch, we can help you find the perfect micro switch for your specific needs. So why wait? Start exploring the world ofautomotive micro switchtoday and discover the power and precision that these tiny components can bring to your projects.

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