Rockwell AB 1756-ENBT

Xiatong automation equipment is a PLC ,industry trading company. Our team have many years for experience in the industry area.

Our product main include :AB ABB GE Siemens Bently Schneider Emerson Honeywell Indramat

warranty: 1 year
conditional: new and original

If you have need kinds of model of the above brand ,welcome to inquire by the following manner to contact me. We will give you the best price and service.



Allen Bradley 1771-HS1/1771HS?1 Axis Servo OFFERS ACCEPT...

Modicon 140-DDO-353-00/?140DDO35300 NEW!!!! SEALED!!!!

Allen Bradley 1770-KF2/1770KF?2 Ser B Comm Interface

Allen Bradley 1770-KF2/1770KF?2 Ser C Communications Int...

Omron C200H-AD002/C20?0HAD002 New Condition!!!

Modicon/Schneid?er /52?04534250/EQ5400 Nice!!

*SEALED*Modicon 140DAO84210/140?-DAO-842-10 Output NEW!!...

NEW!!!!! OMRON CV500-PS211/CV5?00PS211 SEALED!!!

Allen Bradley 150-A09NB/ 150A09NB Ser A SEALED!!!! NEW!

Allen Bradley 845PY-CK-3-C/84?5PYCK3C Encoder NEW!!!

Modicon AS-P464-002/ASP?464002 Monitor with control

Lambda EWS300P-24/EWS3?00P24 Power Supply

Allen Bradley 1771-HS3A/1771H?S3A 3 Axis Servo NICE!!!!

Allen Bradley 1771-HS3A/1771H?S3A 3 Axis Servo NICE!!!!

Allen Bradley 1771-HS3A/1771H?S3A 3 Axis Servo NICE!!!!

Omron F150-SL50A/F150?SL50A/F150-S1A/?F150-LT10A/F150?S1A

Schneider/Telem?ecanique TSXDEY16FK/TSX-?DEY-16FK NEW!!!

Omron 3G2T9-MP401-V1/?3G2T9MP401V1

Modicon/Schneid?er 140-CRA-931-00/?140CRA93100

Allen Bradley 1771-ESC/1771ES?C Servo Expander

Allen Bradley 1747-SN/1747SN Series B Scanner SEALED!!!

Allen Bradley 1747-DCM/1747DC?M Direct Comm SEALED!!!

Modicon AS-PRTU-252/ASP?RTU252 NEW!! SEALED!!!!

SEALED!!!! Modicon 140DAO84220/140?-DAO-842-20 NEW!!!!!

Modicon 140DAO84220/140?-DAO-842-20 NEW!!!!!

Allen Bradley 1771-OW/1771OW Contact Output SEALED!!!!!

Allen Bradley 1784-KL/1784KL Communications Adapter

OMRON C200H-NC211/C20?0HNC211 Motion Control

Siemens 6ES7-422-1FH00-?0AA0/6ES74221FH?000AA0 SEALED!!!

Modicon AS-B872-200/ASB?872200 Analog Output Beautiful!!

Allen Bradley 1756-0B32/17560?B32/1756-OB32/1?756OB32 SEA...

Reliance Electric 0-57408/057408/?057408C NEW !!!!!!!!


*SEALED*Allen Bradley 1771-KA2/1771KA?2 Communications N...

Modicon/Schneid?er AS-B875-111/ASB?875111

Reliance 0-57403/057403/?0-57403-E/05740?3E

Modicon AS-B875-111/ASB?875111 Analog Input

NEW!!!! GE Fanuc IC655PER500B/IC?655PER500

GE / Horner Electric HE693DNT250/ HE693DNT250L

Allen Bradley 1756-HSC/1756HS?C Ser A Factory Sealed!!!

*SEALED*Allen Bradley 1792D-8BVT8D/17?92D8BVT8D OFFERS A...

Modicon NW-BM85-000/NWB?M85000 Modbus Plus Bridge/Mux Mo...

GE Fanuc VMIVME-5550-000?/VMIVME-5550/VM?IVME5550 NICE!!!

Modicon AS-B875-001/ASB?875001 Analog Input Module OFFER...

Siemens/Sitrans T 7NG3040-4UN70/7?NG30404UN70 NICE!!!

Siemens/Sitrans T 7NG3040-4JN20/7?NG30404JN20 NICE!!!

Modicon/Schneid?er AS-B872-100/ASB?872100 Analog Output N...

Allen Bradley 1769-IF4X0F2/ 1769IF4X0F2/176?9-IF4XOF2/ 1...

Siemens PLC 6ES5-451-4UA12/?6ES54514UA12 Output NEW!!!

Allen Bradley 1788-DNBO/1788D?NBO NEW! Factory sealed!!!

Omron R7M-A03030-BS1/?R7MA03030BS1 Motor Assembly NEW!!!

GE Fanuc IC-693-CMM-302/?IC693CMM302 Series L NEW!!!!

GE Fanuc IC750VFD220/IC-?750-VFD-220 Display NEW!!! OF...

NICE!! Allen Bradley 1771-ES/1771ES

Reliance Electric 6MDDN-1P4102/6M?DDN1P4102 BRAND NEW!!!

Omron V670-CD1D/V670C?D1D NEW!!!!!

Siemens 6ES5-430-4UA12/?6ES54304UA12 Input NEW!!!!

Modicon AS-B838-032/ASB?838032 Remanned!!!

Modicon 140-XSM-101-00/?140XSM10100 Simulator

Omron C200H-AD003/C20?0HAD0003 Analog to digital unit OF...

Modicon Premium/Schneid?er TSXPSY1610M Factory Sealed!!!

Modicon NW-BP85-000/NWB?P85000 Modbus plus bridge

Allen Bradley 1791-IOBX/1791I?OBX/1791I0BX

Allen Bradley 1747-L30B/1747L?30B Frn 6

Allen Bradley 1746-HSTP1/1746?HSTP1 Series E SEALED!!!

Allen Bradley 1762-L24AWA/176?2L24AWA SEALED NEW!!!!

Reliance Electric 57405-E/57405E / 0-57405-E

Siemens 6ES5-451-7LA11/?6ES54517LA11 FACTORY SEALED!!!!

Reliance Electric 57C404A/57C404/?57C-404A/57C404?-A

*SEALED*Siemens 6ES7-331-1KF01-?0AB0/6ES73311KF?010AB0/6E...

Omron 3G2S6-CPU15/3G2?S6CPU15

Allen Bradley 1771-IQ/1771IQ Input SEALED!!!

Modicon AS-BADU-206/ASB?ADU206 Analog Input NICE!! OFFER...

*NEW* Allen Bradley 1794-IF4I/1794-?IF41/1794IF4I/1?794IF...

Modicon 140-CRA-211-10/?140CRA21110 Distributed I/O Drop...

Allen Bradley 1771-HS/1771HS Axis Servo Controller Seri...

*SEALED*Allen Bradley 1764-24AWA/1764?24AWA PERFECT BOX!...

OMRON C500-ID212/C500?ID212/3G2A5-ID2?12/3G2A5ID212 Inpu...

GE Fanuc A20B-2902-037/A?20B2902037/A20B?-2902-0371

Siemens 6ES5-300-3AB11/?6ES53003AB11

Reliance Electric 57C-411/57C411/?57C4112E/57C-41?1-2E


Siemens ET 200ISP/ 6ES7-134-7TD00-?0AB0/6ES71347TD?000AB0

Banner Engineering/Ban?ner/Presence Plus Pro PPCTL NICE

*SEALED*Allen Bradley 1764-24BWA/1764?24BWA PERFECT BOX!...

Allen Bradley 1771-HRA/1771HR?A Excitation resolver

Modicon AS-B846-001/ASB?846001 Multiplexor

Modicon AS-B829-116/ASB?829116 Input Module NEW!!!!!!!

Omron 3G2S6-CPU33/3G2?S6CPU33/3G2A3MP?523

Allen Bradley 520E-BOD/520EBO?D/520E-B0D/520E?B0D New!!!!

Modicon/Schneid?er 140-CPS-114-00/?140CPS11400 SEALED!!!!

Omron 3G2S6-CPU33/3G2?S6CPU33/3G2S6-C?PU-33

Siemens 6ES5-605-0RU11/?6ES56050RU11/6E?S5-605-ORU11

Total Control QPJ-MBP-201-F/Q?PJMBP201F/QPJ-M?BP-201 NEW!

Total Control QPJ-MBP-201-F/Q?PJMBP201F/QPJ-M?BP-201 NEW!

Siemens/PLC 6ES5-101-8RW11/?6ES51018RW11

Siemens PLC 6ES5-374-1KH21/?6ES53741KH21 256 K Memory

Allen Bradley 1791-16A0/17911?6A0 Series B NEW SEALED!!

Allen Bradley 1771-SN/1771SN Ser A Sub I/O Scanner

GE Fanuc IC693CMM311/IC6?93CMM311S NEW!! SEALED!!!!

Allen Bradley 1771-HSN/1771HS?N

Siemens 6ES7-351-1AH01-?0AE0/6ES73511AH?010AE0

Allen Bradley 1784-KTXD/B 1784KTXD

Allen Bradley 100-B110NZ123/1?00B110NZ123 NEW Sealed!!!!

GE Fanuc IC693CMM311/IC6?93CMM311N NEW!! SEALED!!!!

Allen Bradley 150-C19NBR/150C?19NBR Ser B SEALED!! NE

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