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Professional sales of DCS, PLC spare parts, services in the user to install the control system.

With a strong advantage, and the advantages of products with a lot of stocking. Company distribution products are widely used in metallurgy, oil and gas, glass manufacturing, aluminum, oil

Rockwell (A-B): 1756,1785,1771,1746,1747,1769,1794,1784 etc., and some discontinued spare parts.

SCHENIDER: Modi Quantum 140 series processors, control cards, power modules, etc.
GE FANUC FANUC: IC697, IC693, IC695, IC200, DS200, DS3800,
Siemens ((MOORE); 6ES5, 6ES7 (400 series, part) 6DD, 6DS, 6GK, 6A V, 6RA (some models)
ABB: Robot Control System DSQC Series
BAILEY: 3500 and discontinued spare parts
Westinghouse: OVATION system, WDPF system, WEStation system spare parts
Bosch Rexroth: Indramat, I / O module, PLC controller, servo control, drive module, etc.

Fanuc A06B-0142-B575-​R

Fanuc A06B-0165-B076

Siemens 1FT6062-6AF71-3​EG6

Yaskawa SGMGH-09ACA6S

Fanuc A06B-0502-B851

Fanuc A06B-0147-B176

Okuma BL-MH201E-20SN-​A

Mitsubishi HC103BT-SZ

Fanuc A06B-0147-B177

Okuma BL-MC140E-30T

Fanuc A06B-0147-B176

Hurco USAFED-20FB2T-H​

GE A06B-0313-B172

Fanuc A06B-0142-B084

Fanuc A06B-0142-B575

Fanuc A06B-0358-B755

NUM 19023630L

Fanuc A06B-0128-B077

Okuma BL-MC200E-12SB

Yaskawa SGMGH-30DCA6C

Fanuc A06B-0313-B001

Yaskawa USAFED-09DB1OE

GEC LD620ELR0004

Mitsubishi HA33NT-E30

Fanuc A06B-0314-B003

Fanuc A06B-0502-B202

Yaskawa SGMGH-30DCA6C

Okuma BL-MC200E-20TB

Okuma BL-MC100E-20S

Siemens 1FK6083-6AF71-1​EG2

Yaskawa UGHMED-12-TMA2

Fanuc A06B-0315-B243

Fanuc A06B-0502-B061

Fanuc A06B-0034-B075

Fanuc A06B-0147-B177

Fanuc A06B-0851-B190

Yaskawa UGHMED-20-TMA3

Fanuc A06B-1002-B100

Yaskawa UGHMED-20-TMA1

Okuma BL-MC140E-30T

Okuma BL-MC200E-20SN-​A

Fanuc A06B-0142-B575

Fanuc A06B-0545-B231

Okuma BL-H200E-20T

Fanuc A06B-0147-B076

Fanuc A06B-0852-B200

Fanuc #A06B-1002-B100

Fanuc A06B-0142-B076

Yaskawa USAFED-13FA2

Fanuc A06B-0315-B006

Inland TTE

GE A06B-0346-B357

Fanuc A06B-0147-B077


Fanuc A06B-0142-B075-​R

Fanuc A06B-0315-B003

Fanuc A06B-0505-B002

Fanuc A06B-0033-B175

Fanuc A06B-0513-B504

Yaskawa USAFED-09DA1

Siemens HU3058-0AC01-Z

Mitsubishi HA80CB-SS

Mitsubishi HA300CB

Mitsubishi HA200CS

Fanuc A06B-0514-B574

Fanuc A06B-0126-B077

Fanuc A06B-0641-B012

Yaskawa UGHMEM-12-MU13

Fanuc A06B-0162-B075

Mitsubishi HA83NCB-S

Siemens 1FK7042-5AF71-1​SG3-Z

Gusher 11019NS-SE-7-A

Fanuc A06B-0752-B100

Sumitomo 14C09P4911

Siemens 1FT6086-1AF71-1​EH1

Mitsubishi HA103C

Fanuc A06B-0314-B033

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