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Product profile

Bag filter is a type of multi-use filtration equipment that has wide application and strong adaptability. The filter has bag sideways likage probability and guaranteed filtration precision. Small sideway leakage probability, effectively guarantees the filtration quality. Greater working pressure, small pressure loss, low operating cost, obvious energy saving effect. Filtration precision keeps increasing and has now reached 0.5 microns. Large capacity, small volume, large sludge-carrying amount. Convenient and quick replacement based on the working principle and structure of bag filter system, no need for filter cleaning, saves work and time. Filters filter bag can be repeatedly used after cleaning, this again saves cost. Wide applications, flexible use, various installation methods.

Technical parameters

● Reference HG21637-91、GB150-2011Design, manufacture and acceptance
● The flange standard: HGGBSHHGJJBANSIJIS

● Interface form: Screw thread, Clamp, Flange


Filtration precision:0.5um-800um ● Design pressure:1.6MPa

● Design temperature:120℃

● Surface treatment: Inside and outside shell sand blasting or polishing

● Sealing gasket: Silicone, Nitrile butadiene rubber, Fluorine rubber, PTFE

● Filter bag material: Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon, PTFE, Fiberglass
●Filter housing material: SS304, SS316L

Application field

● Electroplating and electronics industry: all kinds of plating solution and water filtration ●Pharmaceutical industry: All kinds of pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials, solvent filtration

●Mechanical processing industry: All kinds of cutting fluids, cooling fluid and fluid filtration ●Edible oil and soap industry: Cooking oil polishing purification materials, soap and water filtration

●Oil and gas industry:Amine fluid desulfurization,Flux filtration dehydration, oil field water injection, completion fluid filtration

●Textile, printing and dyeing, paper making industry: dope, dye, flux, water filter, additives, adhesives

● Petroleum and chemical industry, oil and various kinds of oil, viscose, chemical fiber manufacturing process all kinds of filter solution ●Car coating, paint, paint industry, latex paint, electrophoretic paint, pretreatment liquid, paint, paint raw material and solvent filtration

● Food and beverage industry, beer, wine, fruit wine, wine, white wine, rice wine, fruit juices, bottled water, tea drinks, soymilk, syrup, dairy products, food additives, such as clarification processing and CIP water filtration

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