JUKI KE2010 529 Nozzle of tops

20W Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine The electro-optical conversion of the machine is with high efficiency; and the machine is with air cooling.The marking machine is compact but is with high reliability and can output light beam of high quality. It is made from metallic material which can be carved and some non-metallic material. Integral structures are adopted. And there are not optical pollution and power losses. The machine is with high efficiency, long using period and it does not need to maintain frequently.


Nozzle Cleaning Machine-JGH 893
Nozzle cleaner-JGH 893 could satisfy with your need, which uses high-voltage pulse to clean nozzle-JUKI,FUJI,
YAMAHA,SAMSUNG,SONY,PANASONIC and so on. It could clean nozzle 30 pieces at one time,it could set up parameters according your need, and nowadays we are looking for agent, contact us if you have interest.


Our company deals in the following products:
Nozzle cleaner,Laser marking machine, Laser cutting machine, Laser welding machine, Security monitoring focusing machine, AOI detecting machine, X-RAY, Steel mesh cleaning machine, BGA rework station, 3D paste thickness gauge, SMT solder paste mixer, Reflow checker, Feeder instrument calibration, SMD components counter, PCB up and down board machine, Solder paste printing machine,Conveyor.

BDAS16X40-3B-128W YAMAHA YV100XE Air Cylinder
K46-M1374-10X YAMAHA Machine Chain
K87-M11B9-00X CL 8X4MM Feeder E-Circlip
K87-M11BB-00X YAMAHA CL 8X4MM Feeder Screw
K87-M11BF-00X YAMAHA CL 8MM Feeder Connecting Rod Screw 
K87-M11BS-00X Yamaha Copper Sheet
K87-M21BB-00X YAMAHA CL 8MM 12MM Feeder Screw
K87-M23BL-000 YAMAHA CL 24MM Feeder Screw
K87-M56C1-00X YAMAHA CL 12MM Feeder Spring
K87-M111C-00X Yamaha CL 8X4mm Feeder Washer
K87-M112D-10X YAMAHA CL 8X4mm Feeder Spring 
K87-M211B-00X YAMAHA CL 12MM Feeder Eccentric Pin
K87-M214N-00X YAMAHA Feeder Spare Part
K87-M229K-00X Yamaha 12MM  Feeder Spring 
K87-M539M-000 YAMAHA CL 24MM Feeder Spring
K87-M1112-10X Yamaha Feeder PIN
K87-M1112-10X Yamaha 12mm 16mm Feeder Knock PIN 
K87-M1112-10X Yamaha CL 12MM Feeder PIN 
K87-M1199-000 Yamaha FV 8MM Feeder Unit Driver
K87-M1199-00X K87-M1199-10X Yamaha FV Feeder Unit Driver
K98-M9213-10X YAMAHA Pin
KG2-M3407-A0X Yamaha Air Joint
KG7-M7137-A03  YAMAHA  Nozzle  Copper Sheet
KG7-M8501-00X YAMAHA YV100XE Filter
KGT-M221A-A0X YAMAHA YG12F Tape Guide of Tank Chain
KHJ-MC16E-00  YAMAHA Feeder  Spring
KHJ-MC145-000 Yamaha YS 24mm Feeder Safety Catch
KHJ-MC146-02  YAMAHA Feeder Spring
KHJ-MC147-022 Yamaha Feeder Spring
KHJ-MC149-00  YAMAHA Feeder Spacer
KHJ-MC181-00 YAMAHA Feeder Shake Hand
KHJ-MC244-00 Yamaha Feeder Upper Cover Buckle
KHJ-MC245-01 Yamama Feeder Upper Cover Button
KHY-M2267-00X YAMAHA YG12F X axis Tank Chain
KHY-M7154-000 YAMAHA Spare Part
KHY-M7155-000 YAMAHA Spare Part 
KJK-M119K-100 Yamaha Feeder Spring 
KJK-M1285-01 YAMAHA FT FS 8mm Feeder Air Cylinder 
KM1-M7104-00X Yamaha Feeder Piston
KM1-M7163-30X YAMAHA VALVE A010E1-44W Valve 
KV6-M7171-10X YAMAHA Valva Power
KV7-M221A-AOX YAMAHA  YG12 Tank Chain Cover
KV7-M9140-A0X Yamaha YV100X Feeder Belt Pulley 
KV8-M8502-00X YAMAHA YV100XE Filter

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