AB 1747-L553   1746-OW16   1756-L72

Xiatong automation equipment is a PLC ,industry trading company. Our team have many years for experience in the industry area.

Our product main include :AB ABB GE Siemens Bently Schneider Emerson Honeywell Indramat

If you have need kinds of model of the above brand ,welcome to inquire by the following manner to contact me. We will give you the best price and service.



Allen-Bradley 1769-CRL1

Allen Bradley 100S-C09DJ23C

Allen Bradley 1403-CF005

Allen-Bradley 1738OB8EM12

Allen-Bradley 855TBPM10

Allen-Bradley 1798ADN

Allen-Bradley 1771-P4S

Allen-Bradley 100-C37D10

Allen-Bradley 193-EGF

Allen Bradley 100C23UZJ01

9x Allen Bradley 100FC11

Allen Bradley 1771-IBN

Allen Bradley 1732DIB16M12M12

Allen Bradley 1771-SN

Allen Bradley 1769-OB16P

Allen-Bradley 140M-D8E-C16

Allen Bradley 100S-C60DJ22C

Allen-Bradley 100C09DJ10

Allen Bradley 1732D-8X81212D

Allen-Bradley 1738IB4M12

Allen-Bradley 1738EP24DC

Allen-Bradley 1734EP24DC

Allen Bradley 100-c16ZJ10

Allen-Bradley 100-C12DJ10

Allen Bradley 140M2CE-B25

Allen Bradley 800F-1YMQ2

Allen Bradley 1734-TBS

Allen Bradley 1761NETAIC

Allen Bradley 22RF012BL

Allen Bradley 1794-IB16

Allen Bradley MSR127TP

Allen Bradley 1734-0W4

Allen-Bradley 160-RFB-14-A

Allen-Bradley 1794TB3

Allen-Bradley 1492-IFM20D24

IME 0120854

Allen Bradley 700S-DCP310Z24

Allen-Bradley 1769-ECR

Allen-Bradley 1738OB4EM12

Allen Bradley 1738OB8EM12

Allen-Bradley 1746-0B16

Allen Bradley MSR123E

Allen Bradley 1794-OB16P

Allen Bradley 1734EP24DC

Allen Bradley 1734-1B8

Allen Bradley 4003387488

Allen-Bradley 1734-OB8E

AB 1734-IB8

Allen Bradley 1771OF

Allen Bradley 1784CF64

Allen Bradley 140M-C-AFA11

Allen-Bradley 1738EXT3

Allen-Bradley 1760-L20BBB-EXN​D

Allen Bradley 1771OBDB


Allen-Bradley 1492-SP1C020

Allen-Bradley 1492-SP1C010

Allen-Bradley 1492-SP1C080

Allen-Bradley 1492-SP1C050

Allen-Bradley 1492-SP1C030

Allen-Bradley 1492-SP1C070


Allen-Bradley 1771-ORC

Allen-Bradley 1771-IN

Allen Bradley 1794ADN

Allen-Bradley 1734-VHSC24

Allen-Bradley 700-CF400KD

Allen Bradley 140M-C2E-C16

Allen-Bradley 1732D-8CFGM12

Allen-Bradley 1492-GS1G160

Allen Bradley 1492-SP3C200

Allen-Bradley 140M-C2E-B25

Allen Bradley 140M-C2E-B63

Allen Bradley 1769-CRL3

Allen-Bradley 700CF400DJ

Allen-Bradley 140MF8EC32

Allen Bradley 1489-A1C060

Allen Bradley 800T-FXQH24R

Allen Bradley 1746-0W16

Allen-Bradley 1746-OV16

Allen-Bradley 1746-IV16

Allen-Bradley 700CRF310DJ

Allen-Bradley 100C09B10

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