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AMIKON LIMITED is the specialist in the field of industrial automation.

Inventory: A wide range of new and discontinued parts.

Affordable: competitive prices and specific dealer discounts

Reliable: Each product is tested and guaranteed for at least 12 months.

Speed: fast response and efficient delivery.

Professional: Solid business organization, well-trained engineers.

International: Preferred global partner and supplier.

*If you find the same parts from any other suppliers cheaper than us , we will try to match that the same price, or provide you with a further discount.

*If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

*If you inquiry more than one piece/item, please let us know, because we can arrange discount for you. Looking forward to your enquiries!


VISCOM SMB2          VISOLUX EDM120-2347    Visolux GLV18-8-H-KK-2153

VISOLUX RL25-8/47/76b       VK500025          Vogel 498745002

Vogel DB7.2750+140     Vogel Getriebe MPG100    Vogel Getriebe MPR200

Vogel MH100               Vogel MKS1          Vogel MKU2-KW6-1000630

Vogel MPE90A              Vogel MPG100        Vogel PV60/200

VOITH  IPH6/6-125/125      VOITH D40-6-60Z-3260G THL.3210610

Voith IPC6-100              VOLTCRAFT CA110     VUES AM256D-0R0F-W020-0

Wagner G0111332       Wagner P3276B075044     WAGO 750-1500

Wago 750-351          WAGO 750-4318DI         WAGO 750-459

WAGO 750-460/000-003       WAGO 750-486       WAGO 750-487

WAGO 750-504               Wago 750-530       WAGO 750-552/000-200

WAGO 750-580               WAGO 750-608       WAGO 750-641

WAGO 750-650/003-000      WAGO 750-653/000-021RS    WAGO 753-418 2DI 24V DC

WAGO 753-430          WAGO 753-506 2DO 24V DC       WAGO 753-5062DO 24V DC

WAGO 753-530          WAGO 753-550             WAGO 767-2301

WAGO 767-4801 8DO 24V DC    WAGO 834-1103      WAGO 834-1104

WAGO 834-1105      WAGO 834-1203       WAGO 834-1204      WAGO 834-1205

WAGO IP350         Waldmann MTAL4S     Walther SMS-02 24V

Walther V1160170051          Wampfler EB020420-W63.3/40/10-45

Wandfluh WDMFA06-ACB        Wasserwiderstand IS443/4TRU

Watlow DC20-40S5-H000         Watlow PC30-F25B-0000

Watlow QMFE40A-J1CH10         WATLOW-EUROPE KMFG0040R006A

Waycon SX50-250-420A-SA-O       Weber 3201.00 24VDC

Weber NH00160A                 WEG 21MAR2016

WEG 21SET2017                   WEG AL71-02             WEG UE516 TL201/557


Weidmuller DP24DI       Weidmuller DP32DIP           Weidmuller RSSD15SZ

Weidmuller SAI-8-F       Weidmuller WAS5CVCDC   Weidmuller WDU 70/95 BL 1024680000

Weidmuller WDU120/150     Weidmuller WDU120/150    Weidmuller WDU16

Weidmuller WDU95N/120N   Weidmuller ZDK2.5          Weidmuller ZDU 2.5/4AN

Weidmuller ZDU 4/3AN BL 600V 35A          Weidmuller ZDU 4-2/3AN ZDU4-2/3AN

Frequenzumricht?er 31C011-503-4-0.?..

 Frequenzumricht?er  MC07B0008-5A3-.?..

 Frequenzumricht?er  MC07B0011-5A3-.?..

 Siemens 6SE7023-2ES87-2?DC0

 Bleedermodul BM-2 13,5R/500W

 Frequenzumricht?er  10.F0.R11-3429

 Siemens  6SE6440-2UD13-7?AA1

 RFI Filter CT 3030-UNI2 GEB

 Frequenzumricht?er VS mini J7 CIMR-J7AZ40P4 1,4kVA

 Frequenzumricht?er FAS4009 3X400V/0,9KV

 Allen Bradley  1336-MOD-KB010 Ser.D GE

 Siemens  6SE6420-2UD21-1?AA0 1,1 kW OVP


 Bremswiderstand BW033-012-01 17962196 NOV

 Siemens 6SE6420-2AB15-5?AA1 0,55kW GEB

 Siemens  6SE6440-2UD17-5?AA1 0,75kW GEB

 Movitrac Karte 8220980 .1F GEB

 Frequenzumricht?er  10.F0.R11-3429 #K2 GEB

 Frequenzumricht?er 8200 vector 13127094 E82EV751_4

 Siemens  6SE6440-2AB12-5?AA1 NOV

 Frequenzumricht?er  07.F4.C3D-1280/?1.4 GEB

.CUSTOMER CARE          

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns before or after your purchase. We are committed to your 100% satisfaction. 1. All products we sell are 100% new original package in good condition and will be examed before they are shipped. We will try our best to avoid any quality problems.

Thanks for understanding and cooperation!



* We ship World Wide by regular post unless instructed to ship by other modes.

* We can ship by DHL/UPS/Fedex in buyers account or if prepaid by buyer and buyer confirms that in no circumstances the freight charges be reversed to shipper. * Combine multiple orders to save on shipping before payment, highest shipping cost applicable. * Our regular Handling time is 2-3 working days after receipt of confirmed/verified payments irrespective of shipping mode. If you need expedient shipping services, please contact us for quote or to arrange delivery via one of the services in your account. Handling time of 2-3 days will still apply.


FANUC Rolls Out a New Cobot

The CR15iA collaborative robot has a 15 kg payload and includes a teach pendant with hand guidance for easy programming.

By Stephanie Neil , Senior Editor, Packaging World, on October 16, 2018

The FANUC CR-15iA collaborative robot (cobot) is making its PACK EXPO International debut this week. The lean green machine is capable of lifting 15 kg, filling the gap between its smaller CR-4iA and CR-7iA siblings and larger big brother, the CR-35iA.

The six axis robot is a good fit for warehouse, shipping and other industrial applications that require handling, machine tending, inspection and logistics. It is also efficient, including a single highly-sensitive sensor in its base vs. multiple external sensors that are often the norm with other cobots, the company said.

The CR-15iA has a small footprint that has a maximum vertical reach of 2.413 mm and a horizontal extension of 1.441 mm. The design makes it ideal for being mounted upright or inversely on the wall, as no safety fences are required since it stops safely on contact with a human operator.

It also includes a FANUC Teach Pendant that enables easy programming coupled with the R-30iB Plus controller’s new iHMI interface. Plus, an optional FANUC Hand Guidance system means any user can program the robot simply by leading it through the motion points or trajectory necessary to complete the task and recording the path.

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