Paper Pulp Moulding Line

ROTECHO's pulp molding machine is mainly used for making high quality pulp molded product, such as dishware, art-ware, round dish, disposable service plate etc.

Configuration:semi-automatic and fully automatic

Raw material application:sugarcane pulp, reed pulp, rice stalk pulp, bamboo pulp, straw pulp, wood pulp, etc.

Working efficiency:standard is 800-2500pcs/h, can be customized.

Output feature:Healthy, biodegradable, eco-friendly, recyclable and cost-saving.

Final product weight:10g-20g/piece, can be customized.

NOTE:Rotecho can supply single machine, whole production line and turn-key solutions


Paper pulp moulding machineproduction is available for starter investment in the biodegradable plate field, main resource is pulp board from the sugarcane waste, reed, rice stalk, bamboo etc. Complete procedure start from the pulping process, which will crush the prepared pulp board, and refining the crude fiber, fiber grinding and additive mixing to get a qualified pulp. Pulp forming machine will do the molding process by the principle of vacuum technology, the advanced high temperature drying and sterilization system will complete the drying to get a dry tableware. Finally, size cutting machine will do the size trimming to get a perfect final product for sale. We supply customized proposal based on the plate size, capacity, land space etc.

Advantage of pulp production line

  1. Raw material is easy approach, which comes from sugarcane waste, agriculture crop waste, reed etc.
  2. Final product is feature of good breath-ability, light, healthy, and biodegradable. It can keep the food fresh.
  3. Molded fiber tableware has widely application in our daily life, good market prospect.
  4. There is no pollution in the moulded pulp machine, meet the requirements of clean and safety production.
  5. Overall investment is much lower than plastic product manufacturing.
  6. Automatic operation can realize industry scale production.

pulp production line production parameter

All the parameter based on 8 inch round dish. Rotecho can offer customized proposal on specially requirement, such as production capacity, final product standard, land space, mechanical configuration etc.Paper Pulp Moulded Packaging Product

Rothecho’s pulp molded trays are made basic from waste paper, their special character allows them to gets used to different temperature, moisture and humidity environments without losing their ability to protect inside goods. Below are the common pulp molded trays we made, mould can be customized as required dimension and free sample can be provided for your test.

Rotechois devoted to supplying various recycling machines. If you want to know more about the pulp molding machine price, just contact us! We sincerely invite and welcome people from all around the world to invest and create more values together.

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