Biodegradable Tableware Products Manufacturer in China

Biodegradable TablewareProducts Manufacturer in China

Soton was founded in 1994, has over 26 years in the disposable products field, and is the most professional straw manufacturer around the world. Soton manufactures over 25+ plant-based disposables, all designed to be environmentally friendly. Our straw, cutlery, tableware, hot and cold drinks cups, and takeaway packaging are all made from compostable raw materials that are renewable, lower carbon, and recycled.

Need help on what to buy? Our Customer Service team can advise on product recommendations. Phone us Monday to Saturday between 9:00 am to 6:00 pm China time on +86 or : Our professional team could send the quotes within 24 working hours while receiving your inquiries. Soton is always your strongest backup!

Biodegradable Straws

Biodegradable and reusable straws are our two alternative solutions to traditional plastic straws. Biodegradable straw can be fully decomposed under different conditions. It includes PLA straws, paper straws, wheat straws and reed straws. Reusable straw includes stainless steel straw, glass straw, bamboo straw and silicone straw. Soton cares about our environment as well as our customers' user experience. For example, we have extra manufacturing processes to make our paper straw stronger and last longer in the liquid. Our extra quality control procedure makes sure our straw is in its best quality and top hygienic. We also have a professional packaging team with 200+ employees to customized your packaging according your requirement.

Why Soton


​Advocate green and healthy life and make a better Earth.


Focus, Innovation, and Win-Win Cooperation.


Ensure consumers use safe and assured high-quality environmentally friendly products.


Soton applies both innovative technologies and environmental protection solutions to its products and markets all over the world.

SotonFounded in 1994, it has grown into one of the largest eco friendly product manufacturersin the world.We provide biodegradable dinnerware, compostable dinnerware/ compostable tableware, reusable biodegradable strawsand etc. Our products and technologies of Soton are leading people towards a green and healthy life.

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