Office Magnets

The magnetic holders(holding magnets) used for clamping and holding light nonmagnetic objects(usually clamp papers) are called office magnetsor message magnets. Office magnets(advertising magnets) include plastic housed office magnets and small steel housed strong office magnets.

Steel cup(iron shell) housed magnets have stronger magnetic holding force than uncovered magnets, which used for heavy-duty applications. Plastic-covered/housed holding magnets have the same magnetic clamping force as naked magnets. The plastic cover only provides simple protection on the inner magnets, while not guide the magnetic lines. So plastic-covered/housed clamping magnets only used to hold light objects, such as paper products. Plastic housed/covered holding magnets are the most common office magnets(push pin magnets and skittle magnet) for whiteboard(notice board). Sometimes, the strong magnetic force is not required for office holding magnets, so ferrite(ceramic) magnets can be used to assemble plastic housed/covered office magnets.

Ferrite Whiteboard Magnets

The ferrite magnetic holder for papers and used on noticeboard are called ferrite noticeboard magnets or whiteboard magnets and message board magnets. They are made with colorful plastic covered. They...

Push Pin Magnets

Push pin magnets are magnetic assembly that provide magnetic clamping solutions for whiteboard or fridges,they also known as magnetic office supplies,and shorted as pin magnets.A push...

Transparent Magnetic Pins

Magnetic pins are widely used replace traditional nails because of it's convenience. A neodymium disc magnet covered with a uniquely shaped transparent plastic house is a commonly used magnetic of...

Neodymium Skittle Magnets

Skittle magnets are magnetic push pins with unique shape.The plastic house is designed with groove which looks like a chess, it's convenient to be handled with such groove.Product Material: colorf...

Ferrite Noticeboard Magnets

The small holding magnets used on magnetic message (bulletin) board are called message magnets, which are great magnetic supplies for office organization, ferrite and neodymium magnets are used for me...

Plastic Eyelet Magnets

The plastic eyelet magnets are plastic covered magnet with loops,and known as neodymium grip magnet with loop.Different from other plastic office magnets,the plastic eyelet magnets are made by screwin...

Memo Magnets

The magnetic holder used on magnetic momo boards to remind people not to forget one important plan is memo magnet. Momo magnets are small magnetic assemblies and normally composed of ferrite ...

Rubber Magnetic Frames

The rubber magnetic frame provides well protection for any paper. It is not only magnetic stationery, also known as magnetic photo(picture) frame.The rubber magnetic frame is made of thin plastic and ...

Magnetic Name Badges

Magnetic holder for name card is called magnetic name badges or magnetic name tags.Magnetic name badges (magnetic name tags) are a good partner for white-collar workers. It is used to hold and present...

The Features Of Office Magnets(message Magnets)

Office(advertising) magnets have small sizes, strong magnetic clamping force not required for the magnetic paper holders.

Various colors are available for office(advertising) magnets because most office magnets are with plastic houses.

Different appearance and shape are easy to realize on office magnets.

The magnetic material selection range is wider for holding magnets for offices, including rubber magnets, ferrite magnets, neodymium magnets.

Application Of Office Magnets(advertising Magnets)

Office magnets are known as paper holding magnets and have the following applications:

Office magnets are used on the refrigerator at home as memo magnets and notice magnets

Office magnets can be used as teaching aids in schools.

Because of the beautiful color and shape, office-holding magnets can be used for daily life decoration.

Colorful plastic housed holding magnets are used as stationery magnets for meeting&office in the company.

Classification Of Magnetic Office Supplies(office Magnets)

By magnetic material, office magnets are usually classified as neodymium office magnets which have strong holding force, ferrite office magnets which are much cheaper.

By material of shell outside the office magnets, they can be classified as steel housed office magnets and plastic covered office magnets.

Magnetic office supplies can be classified as whiteboard magnets(message magnets), magnetic name badges, magnetic clips, magnetic pins by application.

Characteristics Of The Ferrite Noticeboard(whiteboard) Magnets

The cover of the ferrite whiteboard adopts a flat plastic house, which can not enlarge the magnetic power.

The shape of ferrite noticeboard magnets is round and flat.

The magnetic strength is weaker than neodymium whiteboard magnets.

The ferrite noticeboard(whiteboard) magnets are rust-resistant and durable.

The ferrite whiteboard(noticeboard) magnets are cheaper than neodymium ones.

When Are Ferrite Noticeboard Magnets With Plastic Covered Used?

Such ferrite noticeboard magnets with plastic-covered areas used for clamping very light pieces, like papers.

The ferrite whiteboard magnets are used when you want to save cost because the ferrite and plastic material is much cheaper.

The ferrite whiteboard magnets with plastic houses used if you need a rust-resistant magnetic holder for outdoor use.

As a rubber magnet factory, we will do our best to meet all the needs of customers.

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