Tapioca Pearl / Tapioca Ball



The white tapioca pearl are the regular tapioca pearl without caramel color, so it appeared in white, there are several drink stores using this providing juice drinks with semi-transparent tapioca pearls, as the white tapioca pearls can be soaked in colorful syrup and to absorb its color and taste, it would make you a dreamy colored half transparent tapioca pearls with juice color, presenting that the fruit drinks are fresh and juicy. There are 3 sizes of tapioca pearl and other colors and specs to be customized, please feel free to make contact to us for catering your needs.


OEM and private label available.


Standard Package per box

3kg x 6bags


Product application

Bubble Tea


Snow ice,

Ice cream,

Instant drink material,

Bottled drink material,

Restaurant cuisine material,

Molecular cuisine,




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