100% Pure White Sesame With Shell

Product Details Commodity Description The natural sesame seed undergoes an initial screening and thorough cleaning, assuring a clean seed ready for baking. 100% pure white sesame with shell undergo a suitable temperature physical baking during which no additives or chemicals are used. This process implies that the seed contains all its natural richness and flavor. 100% pure white sesame with shell enriches bakery and confectionery products. it is also the basis for our creamy, sweet wholesome paste. Our 100% pure white sesame , is processed from selected Natural sesame seeds of Jiangxi,China Origin (considered to be the best among all sesame verities worldwide) going through several processing stages. In order to get the best quality products, we select premium grade natural white sesame seed and clean it to 100% purity. Thus we get Bold, Uniform and Aromatic sesame with highest purity and natural freshness. 10 Commodity label 100% pure white sesame with shell Product name:Shermark cooked white sesame Material: 100% white sesame seed Product Category:Baking food Net content:220g Storage conditions: Keep this product in a cool, dry, ventilated place. Shelf life: 18 months 8 Nutrition Nutrient name Per 100g Nutrient reference value Energy 2750 KJ 33% Protein 19.6 g 33% Fat 54.6 g 90% Carbohydrate 5.4 g 2% Sodium 0 mg 0% Details & Applications 8 5 Protein sesame crisp cake Ingredients: low gluten flour 15g; egg white 40g Accessories: cooked white sesame 40g Condiments: 20g butter; 35g sugar 1. Whisk the egg white with sugar. 2. Stir in low flour. 3. Again, 100% pure white sesame with shell, stir well after adding. 4. Stir in melted butter at last. 5. Spread oil cloth on the baking tray and spread it into a circle on the back of the spoon. Bake it in the middle of 160 degree oven for about 10 minutes. (Time and temperature should be decided according to the oven and size of the batter stall.) 6. Bending with tools such as rolling pins when heated. 21 Advantage 2_ Shopping skills: 1. Look at the color: high-quality white sesame is milky white, bright and lustrous. Old and inferior white sesame has dark color and mildew. 2. Look at the shape: high-quality white sesame particles are even and full, and the sesame grain tip is relatively small. Sesame itself is dry and shriveled, the more damaged sesame seeds are inferior, do not buy. 3. Smell: High-quality white sesame has the fragrance of sesame, while low-quality sesame has mildew, Hala or other odor, which is more obvious. 4. Look at the packaging: Packed white sesame products should pay attention to check the packaging label. First of all, the packaging should be tight and leak-free, and secondly, the packaging label should be formally qualified. The product name, ingredients, net content, production date, storage conditions, manufacturer's address and contact method, product standard number and production license label should be clearly identified. E Shermark has been focusing on the production of sesame products for 20 years, using sesame as raw material to develop different high-quality products. Our products have been recognized by 26 countries in the world, and the products sold have been evaluated 0 in 20 years. We pursue superior quality and high-end service. We welcome partners to visit our factory. We accept the public's inspection. Our products have obtained many certificates, each product has a product quality certificate, in order to reassure the public to eat, good products are not afraid of inspection. And we provide all kinds of certificates for imports from different countries. F.A.Q 1.Are you a manufacturer? Yes, we’re professional manufacturer since 2000 in providing high quality sesame products.So we can provide wholesale price. 2.Can you provide me your catalogue? Sure, Pls kindly send your request to us, We are at your service all the time! 3.How can I get the samples? We can provide you free sample for our existing products. 4.Can you provide relevant documents? Of course. We can provide Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of loading, COA,Health certificate and Origin certificate. If your markets have any special requirements,just let us know. Welcome to visit our factory and check the details!

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