LED Displays

♦ Hot sell LED (light emitting diode) Displays can be used to make light-emitting diodes. LED display of high brightness,Website:, wide viewing angles and good color reproduction is superior to LCD screens.♦ Sell point: with competitive price and excellent quality, prompt shipment and good service.♦ Specification: Different size are available.♦ Related Products: LED Strip Light, LED Spot Light, LED Down Light.Name:LED DisplaysDescription:P10 outdoor RG ,led resolution:128x16dotsdisplay color:red+green+yellowdrive mode:1/4 scancommunication mode:RS232 wireddisplay size:1280x160mm,cabinet size:1330x210x120mmPackage: 10pcs/wooden caseContainer loading: According to the actual situationCertificate:CO.   SASOPayment terms:T/T, D/P

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