Bamboo Storage Box

♦Hot sell Bamboo Storage Box is material and Eco-friendly,Website:, with different color ,with the top quality.The Volume is big enough, higher compressive flexural strength, bamboo pattern clear, beautiful plate surface,  texture and elegant style;♦Sell point: with competitive price and excellent quality, prompt shipment and good service.♦Certifications: ISO etc.♦Related Products: Bamboo skewers, Sushi mats , Bamboo Cup, Woven Bamboo Basket, Bamboo Steamer.Name:Bamboo BoxesDescription:Size:24*15.5*H8.5cm15.5*8.5*H6.5cm11.5*4.5*H4cmor according to client's requirementsPackage: According to the actual situationContainer loading: According to the actual situationCertificate:CO.Payment terms:T/T, D/P

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