Normal Rice Crackers Mix

♦ Normal mixed rice crackers are mixed with many types single rice cracker,Website:, with many flavors,such as spicy, soy sauce, BBQ etc. ♦ Sell point: Low fat, crisp and delicious.Good for health, Reasonable price,Non-GMOs, non-fried.♦ Adapt: all ages.♦ We also can provide Natural pigment for rice crackers.♦ Certifications: HACCP,ISO, HALAL, BRC etc.♦ Related products: coated peanuts, fried rice crackers, Senbei, Mix rice crackers with coated peanuts and thin round rice crackers etc.Name:Rice Cracker MixIngredient:Glutinous rice. Soy sauce.        Sugar. Tapioca starch. Seaweed.Salt, etcPackage: 7.5kg/ctn, according to client's requirementContainer loading: 2310ctns/40HQCertificate:BRC, KOSHER, IFSPayment terms:T/T, D/P

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