Fast food chains are opening all over the world, so the fast food kitchen equipment is also hot sale in our company and we have done a lot of project in this field. We offer the professional equipment of high performance to meet the requirement of giving high-efficiency service store, maximize the use of space.



Pressure fryer is essential in a fast food restaurant, especially when its menu includes fried chicken-a whole chicken. Pressure frying is similar to open frying, except that after food is placed into the hot oil, a lid is lowered over the fry pot and sealed to create a high pressure cooking environment. Pressure fryer produces the most consistently flavorful fried chicken, and is faster than using open fryers or any other method like baking when cooking in higher volumes. When you choose a pressure fryer, you're ensuring that moisture and flavor will be sealed in while excess cooking oil will be sealed out — yielding a healthier, more delicious final product. It's the ideal way to cook freshly breaded, bone-in items like chicken or other foods with natural juices.Furnotel pressure fryermachine, adopts the typical model. Stainless steel body with long service life is easy to clean and wipe. Aluminum lid is strong and tight sealing and lightweight at the meantime, so it's easy to open and close. Four casters and one with brake function, easy to move and positioning. Computer panel and mechanical panel are available, easy operating. Fryer lid is closed and latched, andspindle is locked down, forming a secure, airtight seal. A small amount of moisture from food is released immediately, building pressure in closed steam zone to 12 pounds per square inch. Thermostat controlled heating elements are located around the perimeter of the fry pot, above the bottom level. A disposable filter system is equipped inside. Gas pressure fryer has the advantage of economize energy. It uses gas as fuel, automatic control temperature pressure and time. Digital control panel provides the capability to pre-program up to 10 different cook cycles for quick and easy preparation of various menu items. A quality of heat can be discharged from the exhaust box, which can reduce the temperature of the work face.


Perfect for bakeries, pizza, and pastry shops, these series dough mixers can handle a wide variety of dough products most often used in the kitchen. Max kneading capacity from 8kg to 120kg, mixers are designed for commercial applications and can be used with nearly any type of dough. Without a dough mixer, can you imagine that kneading the dough of 120kg by chefs' hands? Machines can really make your operation more efficient than ever.Cast iron body, stainless steel barrel, the weighty base is sure to guarantee a stable operation. Four suction feet provide sturdy, stable support for the whole machine and dough, as well as slightly body motion while the machine is running. Hook stirrer for the variety of dough products, double stirrers make sure to mix the dough on the bottom and fully mix the dough in the bowl. One start button, one-stop button, very easy operation. Available in two movement types: the only stirrer operating, bowl and stirrer double acting. Besides, the speed of stirrer can be adjusted in two of three-level bases on the dough product’s need. All models with a central control panel. The built-in timer allows users to program and set appropriate mixing times for various food items. Safety micro switches on the lid and the barrel, once the lid or barrel was removed, the machine stops running until they are set back. One start button and one emergency stop button, a series of safety measures are able to guarantee the stable operation of machinery and the personal safety of the operators. The one with the 50kg max kneading capacity, own a 5500W power output for stirrer mixing and 550W for barrel running. Mixing speed of 100 or 200r per minute, bowl speed of 12r per minute. The Model F316 requires a 220/230/360V electrical connection.The spiral mixer will be a good helper in kitchen when making pizzas, breads, pies, scones, and biscuits. The particular shape of the hook allows obtaining a perfectly mixed dough in few minutes while the thicker mixtures are pressed to the sides of the bowl to become perfectly smooth and even.
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