Shrink Wrapping Machine

The machine adopts transducer speed adjusting and two-stage bottle conveying device. The bottle unscrambling and heat sealing adopt pneumatic mechanism. The induction switch controls film length. The double blowing wind recycling machinery ensures the balanced temperature in shrinking furnace. The cooling system with ultra blowing wind ensures rapid shape fixation. The main parts of this production line are all imported and joint-stock famous brands. The PE film is of slice shape; the upper and lower slices form a tube through the sealing of the machine, achieving packaging through thermal contraction.

Packaging Type:

(1) (1)350/500/550/600ML large package: 4*6, 4*5 small package, 3*4, 3*5 four package types.

(2)1L/1.5L/2L/2.5L large package: 3*3, 3*4 small package, 2*2, 2*3 four package types. For the zip-top can package, it is suggested to adopt base package with better stability. Packaging speed: 5-8 bottles/min.

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