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For craft beer, our system capacity range between 100L and 50HL,include milling, brewhouse, fermentation, CIP, chilling and controlling system,used in brewpub, restaurant, craft brewery, it has high efficiency boiling and low losses. General and oversized type are optional based on low and high gravity.

For commercial , we fabricate beer fermenter, bright tank and tank farm, capacity range from 10KL to 500KL, PED&AS1210 certificates are available if clients need, insulation 80-120mm, cladding can be stainless steel or aluminium.Website:

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Soybean sauce storage tank
Soybean sauce storage tank ,, Capacity range 5-100m3, ,Made by SUS316L,use for mash fermenting and vinegar liquid maturation. Website:
Seeding Tank
Seeding Tank Capacity cover 1-10m3, used for microorganism growing. Theis fitted with external cooling jacket, internal cooling exchanger and vertical agitat...
Edible oil tank
Edible oil tank ,,, Edible oil tank, such as palm oil and olive oil tank, steam heating coils at the bottom is optional. Prettech was established in 1971, f...
Syrup Liquid Tank
Syrup Liquid Tank Capacity cover 20-45m3, used for crystallizing of glucose, sodium glutamate,Xylitol. is fitted with external carbon steel jacket for cooling, in...
stainless steel extract tank
stainless steel extract tank 1m3~8m3 cover 1-8m3, used herb/chemical/food percolate, perfume oil extraction, organic solvent recovery. The extract tank is fitted with auto 3 ...
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