fluoride is a weak anticoagulant with a melting point greater than 990°C. When preparing anticoagulant tubes, it can be dried at 100°C. It can effectively inhibit glycolysis and maintain a relatively stable blood sugar concentration, so it is considered an excellent preservative for blood sugar testing.

Sodium fluorideis an inorganic compound, cas 7681 49 4, which is mainly used in blood collection tube additives, phosphating accelerators, agricultural pesticides, sealing materials, preservatives and other fields. The sodium fluoride produced by Desheng is mainly used as an additive for blood collection tubes.

Sodium Fluoride ProductsDetailed Introduction.

Sodium fluoride is used as an additive for blood collection tube, which has a good preservation effect when used to prepare blood glucose test specimens. It can effectively inhibit the enolase in the glycolysis process, so that the dehydration of monophosphoglycerate generated in the third stage of the glycolysis pathway is blocked, resulting in the inability to redistribute the energy within the molecule, and ultimately unable to form high-energy, thereby effectively inhibiting glycolysis and maintaining a relatively stable blood sugar concentration. It acts as a weak anticoagulant during blood glucose testing.

Desheng's Advantages in sodium fluoride powder:

It has a professional sodium fluoride R&D technical team, and can answer various questions about the use and preparation at any time;

Desheng is a direct manufacturer of sodium fluoride, and has long-term preparation. Sodium fluoride is available in stock and can be shipped immediately;

Desheng has many years of experience in R&D and production of sodium fluoride, and has professional solutions to sodium fluoride product problems;

Has a professional foreign trade team and rich export experience, one order can be completed without worry till receiving the goods.

Application of Sodium Fluoride

The sodium fluoride developed and produced by Desheng is of AR- analytical grade, mainly used as an anticoagulant for blood collection tube additives. In fact, sodium fluoride is widely used. It is an important fluoride salt and a raw material for the manufacture of other fluorides; industrial grades can be used as agricultural pesticides and have bactericidal effects; in the production of sealing materials and brake pads It can increase the wear resistance; it is used as a phosphating accelerator in the coating industry to stabilize the phosphating solution, refine the phosphating, and improve the performance of the phosphating film.

Sodium Fluoride Instructions for Use:

Sodium fluoride is an ideal anti-glycolytic agent. Its main function is to inhibit the activity of enzymes involved in glycolysis. It inhibits glycolysis by blocking the action of enolase. In daily work. the specimen could be generally preserved for 7 days. Sodium fluoride is often used for blood glucose testing. It should be noted that sodium fluoride may have enzyme inhibitory activity and is not suitable for the situation of enzyme immunoassay. Therefore, it cannot be used for urea enzymatic determination to assay the urea, nor for alkaline phosphatase and starch enzyme assay.

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