Sliding Door Wardrobe

Sliding Door Wardrobe is more convenient and affordable than ordinary wardrobes, so there is a significant increase in the number of customized sliding door armoire consumers. The height of the glass movable door is generally no more than 2.5m, and there are also small sliding door wardrobes. Due to the use of lightweight sliding wardrobe doors, it is tailor-made, the customization process is simple, and it can save indoor space. 1 door sliding wardrobehas absolute advantages in easy to use, stable structure, improving space utilization, performance-to-price ratio and so on. Most of the lightweight sliding wardrobe doors on the market are made of wood, glass, mirrors and other materials.

KITCHEN CABINETS VERMONT has different kinds of sliding wardrobes for sale, such as small-door sliding wardrobes and large sliding wardrobes. We also provide cheap tall sliding wardrobes and lightweight sliding wardrobe doors. Contact us for more information about us!

Specifications of Sliding Door Armoire/Wardrobe

Model No.



18mm wood plywood

Door materials

20mm aluminum glass door

Door surface

Tempered glass

Vermont Sliding Wardrobe/Armoire Furniture Ideas

VERMONT CABINETS is designed to take into account your needs and can create the cheap and mondern sliding wardrobe furniture you really want.

  1. coloured sliding wardrobe doorsto complete your furniture, and you can choose among lightweight sliding closet doors, paneled sliding closet doors, high gloss sliding wardrobe doors and closets with sliding mirror doors, which can make it easier to get your clothes in convenient.

Why Opt for sliding wardrobe closet furniture

Large capacity and space saving small sliding wardrobe

The sliding door armoire holds a long wardrobe inside, and with such an accommodating wardrobe, there is little need for extra storage. In addition, the small sliding door wardrobe is ideal for a compact room, and unlike the hinged wardrobe, the compact sliding door wardrobeensures that you do not need to leave any space to open the wardrobe door, saving space in the small room to a great extent.

Color & finish options custom made sliding closet doors

The wardrobe of the sliding door adds a gorgeous atmosphere to bedroom, and you can design your sliding door armoire as much as you like according to texture or coloured sliding wardrobe doors. Mirror sliding doors allow you to have both style and functionality in a very easy-to-maintain package. You can choose different materials and finishes, from veneers to mirrors, modern sliding closet doors for bedrooms to tall sliding wardrobe, which can add a unique modern atmosphere to your room.

Convenience 3 sliding mirror wardrobe doors

Closet with sliding mirror and high gloss sliding doorscan give you a wonderful sight from outside. When you push open the cabinet door, you can see the clothes of the whole wardrobe, and there is enough space for clothes, accessories, cosmetics, hidden luggage and other items, without having to be obscured by the other half, and do not have to worry about whether there is a cover in front of the cabinet door, affecting the opening of the cabinet door. In addition, children's sliding wardrobe can protect kids from knocking on the cabinet door.

Different types of sliding wardrobe inside for sale

Folding types of sliding doors of wardrobe

Classification of wardrobe sliding doors

For more information about cost of sliding door wardrobe, please feel free to contact us!

Vermont is a professional outdoor kitchen cabinet manufacturer, we provide custom touch cabinets, cabinet design, custom cabinetsand etc. For more, please contact us.

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