Hydraulic Press

EZHONGis located in the ancient city of Wudu - Ezhou City, Hubei Province. It is one of the heavy forging and shaping equipment enterprises designated by the former First Machinery Department to produce plate bending rolling machines and plate straightening machines. It is a manufacturing company with an independent legal personality established after reform, reorganization and restructuring.

As one of the hydraulic press machine suppliersand hydraulic press machine manufacturers, EZHONG specializes in producing single-arm hydraulic press machine for salewith nearly 70 years of production experience. It has absorbed German and Japanese technology and is a new machine with EZHONG's independent intellectual property rights.

Hydraulic press machine chinais suitable for various plastic materials pressing correction, folding, and stamping process.

The machinewith a competitive hydraulic press machine costhas independent power mechanism and electrical system and adopts button centralized control, process action is controlled by PLC, which can realize two operation modes of inching and semi-automatic.

The Specification Of Hydraulic Press Machine


Max Working Pressure

Effective Stroke

Max Opening Height

Pressing speed

Motor Power







The Details Of EZHONG Hydraulic Press Machine

- The hydraulic press machine factoryadopts a single-column split structure and is welded with high-quality steel plates to be smooth and without defects. The fuselage consists of a workbench, support, and an upper beam through five pulling AW-C rigid frames.

- The slider is connected with the piston rod of the oil cylinder. Four guide pillars are used as the guide to moving up and down. The outer surface of the guide pillar is hardened and has high aiming accuracy and good rigidity.

- Pressure realization: the master cylinder is a piston cylinder. The cylinder body is installed on the upper beam and is connected to the slider through a connecting flange. The cylinder quill is made of high-quality forged steel to ensure uniform material; the surface of the piston rod is treated with medium frequency quenching. The main cylinder seal adopts an imported material seal ring to ensure reliable sealing.

- There are T-slots on the worktable and sliding block, which is convenient for users to install and fix the mold.

Notes Of EZHONG Hydraulic Press Machine Safe Operation

The Advantages Of Hydraulic Press

lThe hydraulic system is located inside the machine body, with beautiful appearance, simple and convenient operation, high efficiency, time saving, labor saving, and cost saving.

lThis series of presses are equipped with independent hydraulic and electrical control systems, using buttons for centralized control, which can realize two molding processes of fixed stroke and fixed pressure, and have functions such as pressure display, stroke, and pressure adjustment.

lThe four-pillar guide pillar is oriented to improve the accuracy of the product, and the pillar and piston rod are plated with copper and hard chromium after quenching to ensure the wear resistance and high roughness of the surface. The oil pump inlet is equipped with a unique filter device to ensure. The service life of oil pumps and valves.

lThe oil connection adopts imported high-pressure hose, which greatly reduces machine noise.

lThe whole machine adopts integral steel plate welding, which is thick and beautiful, and has good stability.

lManufactured in accordance with EC safety standards and has CE certification.

The Application Of Hydraulic Press

Single-arm hydraulic press machine usesfor the straightening and pressing of metal products and the pressing of non-metallic powder products. Shaft correction, press fitting of sleeve parts, shaping and trimming of metal products, suitable for plastic products, machine tools, internal combustion engines, textile machinery, shafts, bearings, washing machines, automobile motors, air-conditioning motors, electrical appliances, Used by military industrial enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises assembling lines and other industries.

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