W43T Leveling Machine

EZHONGhas accumulated rich experience in the manufacturing of plate bending rolling machines such as large-scale horizontal 3 roll bending machine, full hydraulic bending machine, CNC 4 roll plate bending machine, CNC plate leveling machine, etc. And our sheet metal roll forming machines are for sale at very competitive prices.

EZHONG specializes in the production of heavy plate levelers, composite plate levelers, high-strength engineering machinery levelers, high-strength steel sheet levelers and other equipment. It has reached the international advanced level in the research and production of roller plate levelers. The jaw-weight roller plate levelerhas absorbed advanced foreign technology, especially the German leveler technology, and developed a series of new products with independent intellectual property rights. For decades, it has solved various industry problems in the process of metal sheets conforming to the process. Its high leveling accuracy, high efficiency, high degree of automation, and low energy consumption have been unanimously praised by our customers. The largest leveling machine in China is the EZW43T-120×3000mm (400Mpa) roll plate leveling machine currently produced by EZHONG.

Working Principle Of W43T Leveling Machine

Advantage of EZHONG W43T Leveling Machine

Advance CNC control system, we have software copyrights on this system. The system automatically calculate pressing amount according to the thickness.

Sectional housing. The plate straightening machinesadopt Germany SMS company technology. It can save energy. Because it adopt grouping driving patents and self-aligning bearings, so the main motor has small power.

Adopt driving patent. It devides the working rollers into two groups. Each group pf working rollers are driven by one motor and a reducer so that it has high efficiency.

The whole structure is sectional modularity. Some quick-wear parts such as bearings, seal-ring, back up roll, working roller, etc are conveniently to replace.

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