Cylindrical Roller Bearings

China cylindrical roller bearingsare a kind of radial rolling bearings with cylindrical rollers. The rollers are lined in parallel shapes, in between the rollers are cages which are able to avoid the leaning of roller or friction between rollers. In consequence, the rotating torque is also avoided. The contact between the cylindrical rollers and the raceways is linear contact. In general, cylindrical roller bearings adopt pressed steel cage or machined brass cage.

Cylindrical taper roller bearingcan be classified in several types based on different index.

Based on the row of rollers, CRB bearingcan be divided into single row cylindrical roller bearing, double row cylindrical roller bearing and double row cylindrical roller bearing.

Based on the ribs of the rings, cylindrical roller bearings can be divided into NU, NJ, NUP, N, NF, NNU, NN etc types. For this classification, the inner ring and outer ring is separable. ZWA Bearings manufactures types of cylindrical roller bearings to meet customers' demand in different industries like mining, steel making, etc..

Cylindrical roller bearings have their own unique advantages

They can bear heavy radial loads because while the loads grow heavier, cylindrical roller bearings’ rollers can be kept static. Meanwhile, they can also bear some slight thrust loads.

They are able to reduce the friction due to its cylinder shapes. Meanwhile, these bearings also have a crowned surface which prevent the stress concentrating on one special point.

The inner ring and outer ring of ZWA’s cylindrical roller bearings are interchangeable. Meanwhile, the separable feature of inner and outer rings make the mounting, dismounting, maintenance, and inspection are more convenient and effective.

Last but not least, cylindrical roller bearings are also capable of bearing axial displacement in the equipment, especially in those application with vibration, cylindrical roller bearings stand out among other roller bearings.

Cylindrical roller bearings are mainly applied in the following fields:

Rolling mills, vibration equipment, reducers, motors etc.

ZWA’s cylindrical roller bearings help the customers reach the following goals:

Reduce the cost

Increase the productivity

Enhance the operational reliability

Prolong the service life of equipment

As the cylindrical roller bearing manufacturers, if you want to know cylindrical roller bearing price, please contact us to buy the bearing roller cylindrical.

Double Row Spherical Roller Bearing

Double-row spherical roller bearings are the most widely used types in group of radial roller bearings. They have two rows of rollers, curved raceway in the outer ring and two raceways in the inner ring. The design of raceways make the bearings combine different characteristics in one bearing, for example, adjusting the angular loads. In general, the symmetrical rollers are guided by press steel cages or machined brass cages in ZWA’s production range. Get the double row bearing size chart, please contact us.

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