Industrial Mould

Industrial mould is not a mold technology process, but a type of mold that is distinguished from the purpose of use.

Generally speaking, products produced with industrial moldsare used for processing or business operations, such as industrial instruments, valves, fittings, pipes, tools, etc..

What types are moulds classified by structure?

lSide plate mould

lPinpoint plate mould

lThree plate mould

lReverse gating mould

lStack Mould

When we classified by mold steel, they are soft mould, prehardening mould, hardened mould, stainless mould, aluminum mould, beryllium copper mold. We determine the type of mold to be made according to the needs of our customers.

What's the industrial mould hardening method?

Normally there are heat treatment, nitriding treatment, chrome plating, nickel plating.

There are cold runners and hot runners from the type of runner.

Which runner is used depends on the cost of the raw material and total output of the product, under the premise of ensuring quality, the mold development cost is reduced as much as possible, thereby reducing the research and development cost of the entire project and improve the competitiveness of the product.

HANKING has extensive experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of custom industrial molds, enabling HANKING to develop practical, production-based solutions for many years of practice.

We can make small batches of production for customers as well as validation production at all stages and provide FAI, CTF, CPK report.

Mould trial report, mold temperature monitoring records is able to help customers quickly start the production after receiving the molds.

We have industrial molds for sale, contact us now.

Hanking Mould Engineering Ltd. is a professional chinese injection molding manufacturers, we provide hanking mould, industrial molds, insert moulding products and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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