Home Appliance Mould

GV Mold has rich experience in home appliance molds (such as television, refrigerators, fans, washing machines, air conditioners, and various smart home appliances). We can provide turnkey solutions for high-precision houseware mouldaccording to customers' ideas, from raw material selection advice, product design optimization, mold flow analysis, mold manufacturing, mold design improvement to plastic parts production, assembly, packaging, delivery.

Home Appliance Mould Types

LCD TV Mould

We can see many different kinds of TV LCD screen frames from different TV manufacturers. It seems like a computer screen frame, their structure is similar. The TV screen frame is a rectangular plastic frame that is assembly on the LCD screen. Usually, it has a stand base on the bottom to support the screen and the frame.

Fan Mold

Green Vitality is a professional Plastic fan blade mold, custom fans moulding services Supplier. We have done different series of plastic fan molds. However, no matter the shape of the plastic fan blade, the most important requirement is to maintain balance. Fan products are generally in a high-speed rotation state when working.

Refrigerator Drawer Mold

Green Vitality Industry has rich experience in making transparent refrigerator drawer injection molds and mirror polishing molds, high quality with durable mold lifetime, easy to maintain, to meet all customers' requirements.

Home Appliance MouldProcess

Before making home appliance mould, we usually verify the plastic product & mold in the following steps. In this way, we can speed up product development, effectively control mold costs, reduce mold repair costs in the manufacture stage, and fully verify product performance as much as possible to save time and cost.


The prototype part is not only visible but also can be assembled. it can intuitively reflect whether the structure is reasonable or not, and the difficulty of installation. It is convenient to detect and solve problems in the early stage. Usually made by rapid prototyping parts, CNC processed rapid prototypes, and 3D printing within 1 week.


After the prototype parts verification, we will improve the problems found,and then carry out small batch assembly test. In addition, in order to carry out more sufficient verification and avoid the risk of mold scrap, usually at this stage, we will first develop a lower cost soft mold to verify the mold structure and mold feasibility, and the material and structure of the parts are the same to mass-produced parts. Soft molds can typically produce no more than 10,000 shots.


After the parts have been fully verified and approved, the official steel mold is developed. The official steel mold can produce 50000, 100000, or 300000 parts according to the different steel materials used, and select the appropriate steel material according to the planned output.

Home Appliance Mould Advantages

Quick Response

Provide quote in 24hours with drawings and requirements if urgent.

Experienced Staff

Over 95% designers & engineers are with more than 10 years experience in plastic mold industry. and all project engineers could discuss projects in English to save communication time.

High quality control

Strictly conforms to ISO9001:2015 quality control system.

One-stop service provider

Technical support from the initial product design to the entire stage of mold making and product production and delivery.

Home Appliance MoldFaqs



If I have an idea for plastic injection moulding. What do I do?


That's great, do a drawing with measurements and as much information as you can, or send your parts to us. we can support from an idea to the finished item.


Is injection molding the right process for my product?


The volume requirements of the product are the main consideration when deciding to use injection molding as a manufacturing process. If you need more than 1000+ products, plastic injection moulding is probably the best solution. Because the mold is expensive, it will save you more cost when you need mass production.


How expensive is a plastic injection mould?


The price depends on:

  • Size of the mold

  • Lifetime of mold

  • The number of cavities

  • The material the mold is made of ie. Steel or aluminum

  • The surface of the finish required

  • The complexity of the part

The best way is to send an to me or call us.

We will go through all your requirements and start the right foot with you.

If you are looking for a reliable plastic injection manufacturer, don't hesitate to contact us!

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