Auto Part Mold

With the vigorous development of the automotive industry, plastic auto parts mouldis also developing rapidly. 90% of car parts mouldare produced by injection mold, which is a huge market opportunity for plastic automotive parts moldmanufacturers.

Common large-size car part moldsuch as car bumpers, fenders, hoods, grilles, doors, rear seats, front covers, and other parts require large-size injection molds. This will require auto parts mould manufacturerto invest in large machines. For some Automobile parts with complex surfaces, high-speed and high-precision CNC machining is required.

Auto Part Injection Molding Process

In order to effectively control the development cost of mold building, reduce the cost of later repair molds, accelerate the progress of product development, and fully verify product performance as much as possible. In the mold development process, auto part verification needs to be carried out in several stages.


Usually made by rapid prototyping parts, CNC processed rapid prototypes, prototype sample is used for dimensions and assembly verification. The dimensional accuracy of the prototype sample is high, and the production cycle is fast, usually within 1 week.


After quick sample verification, after changing the problems found, a small displacement trial assembly verification will be carried out as verification before the formal plan. To carry out a more adequate verification and avoid the risk of mold scrapping, usually at this stage, lower-cost soft tooling is developed first, and the material and structure of the parts are consistent with the mass-produced parts. The development cycle of steel molds is usually long, with small parts within 1 month, and large parts even require more than 4 months of development time. Soft molds can usually produce no more than 10,000 shots.


After the parts have been fully verified and approved, the official steel mold is developed. The official steel mold can produce 50000, 100000, or 300000 parts according to the different steel materials used, and select the appropriate steel material according to the planned output.







Green Vitality Industry Auto Part Mold Advantages

Flexible customization

Green Vitality can produce various auto parts, OEM service is available.

Automotive Injection Molding Experts

The perfect combination of advanced equipment and professional technology ensures that the auto parts we made exceed your requirements.

Delivery on time within budget

We help customers control costs, create and execute the most efficient schedule for each project, taking full advantage of our supply chain network and mold processing and injection molding capabilities.

Added Value

Our engineers can share in-depth knowledge and experience in auto parts design, and help customers select the best plastic for performance and budgetary goals.

Auto Part Mold Faqs



What is the best material for injection molding auto parts?



What is the common steel for auto parts molds?


738, 738H, NAK80, S136, etc, the mold steel is dependent on the mold life and product quantity. We can select the steel type according to your request.


What factors affect the price of auto parts molds?


The size, structure, appearance requirements of auto parts, mold cavities number, and mold life requirements are the main factors that affect the price of auto parts molds.


What is the lead time for an auto part mold?


Generally, a typical mold takes 5-6 weeks from start to T1, it can take 7-10 weeks for multi-cavity molding or more complex mold. longer lead time factors may be due to the type of injection systems, such as hot runners, high surface, and high tolerance dimensional requirements.


Why is it necessary to make a prototyping mold for auto parts?


Because prototyping mold is a very effective method, new products can be developed early to better meet specifications at a lower cost. The samples can also be obtained in the fastest way so that the functional performance of the parts can be tested before investing costly series of molds.

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