Plastic Toilet Seat Mold

Toilet seat casting moldquality points: cover mold cycle, cover mold life, Parting line whether there are sharp edges? Is the cover wall thickness even? How to make covers are light and strong? How to design a good exhaust ? How to make your toilet cover polish durable? How to judge the molding cycle? how to set up the toilet temperature?

High-quality Plastic Toilet Seat Mould For Sale

As the toilet cover need to be strong and durable, the surface need smooth and high polished, many defects may be in injection molding production, including rhymes, poor fusion, black spots, black lines, color difference, burning a so on, we choose PP for the part material,to ensure the toilet seat cover mouldquality and mold life, we need to choose steel with right hardness, we design the plastic toilet seat moldwith reasonable/reliable construction and movements, the mold cycle is settled to meet the requirements of lowest cost, we add ribs to strong the covers, we make side core pulling bodies for demolding,we use hot runner to enhance the production quality and efficiency,and good cooling system is also very important.

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