ZJ Slurry Pump

Product name:ZJ Slurry Pump

Model:ZJ Slurry Pump

Application:in the form of slurry pump ZJ divided into two categories, one is ZJ slurry pumps for horizontal axial suction single pole, single-suction centrifugal slurry pump; the other is ZJL slurry pumps for vertical axial suction single-stage single-suction centrifugal slurry pumps.

Product overview

ZJ series slurry Products:
Structure: ZJ series slurry pump slurry pump wear-resistant energy efficient. Adopt international advanced design theory, according to the principle of the minimum loss of design, shape and slurry flow through the flow member state to achieve the ideal state.
Materials: wetted parts made of high hard cast iron alloy, with high abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength and impact resistance, increases the service life. Power buck, efficient seal, slurry easily leak.
Transmission Type: With Direct, belt, hydraulic, transmission frequency control mode, according to user needs can also be connected in series or in parallel.
ZJ series slurry pump use
Slurry pump can be widely used in mining, electricity, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection, transportation industry line A slurry containing abrasive solids such as metallurgical concentrator slurry transportation, hydraulic ash thermal power plants, coal preparation plant coal slurry and heavy medium transportation, dredging, river dredging, etc. In the chemical industry, but also transport some of the corrosive slurry containing crystals.
At present, the application of slurry pump range, about 80% are used in the mining industry processing plant because of ore primary condition is more severe, and therefore in this section, the slurry pump life is generally low. Of course, different ore, abrasive not the same.
In the coal washing industry, due to the different conditions, a large coal gangue easy jam, slurry pump for high design requirements. Huaibei Mining Bureau under the 2005 adoption of a coal washing plant specially designed to replace the original imported from Australia slurry pumps, since in normal operation, transporting large coal gangue no plug, use wear life than imported pumps.
Selected areas in the sea sand, slurry application also began to be recognized by customers. But the election of sand in the sea, the river dredging, slurry pumps are more likely to be considered, called sand pump, dredging pump. Although not called One, but from the structural features and performance in terms of the principle of the pump, it can be known as slurry pumps. So in this sea of sand in the election, we often called sand pump, called the dredging dredging pump inside the habit.
Although the use of a wide range of slurry pumps, but the correct application is very important. Slurry due to the limitations of its name itself makes some non-industry people to misunderstand, in fact, mud, trash pump, dredging pumps, dredging pumps, slurry pumps are all in range of applications in the application process slurry pump, we must pay attention to proper design, correct calculation, proper selection, these points are very important.
ZJ series slurry pump Model significance For example:
200 pump outlet diameter (MM)
ZJ slurry pumps
I (II) is a single-stage pump or pumps (II) for the two pumps)
A number of impeller blades

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