Selector Valve

Selector valve is a type of multiport valve with public port and dispensing ports around, the public port is used to inlet liquid while dispensing ports are used to distribute liquid one after another as the control program told them to a position in a specific port, it is one of the most key parts for microfluidic systems together with the industrial syringe pump.

Here in Runze Fluid, you can find multiport selector valvefrom 6 port to 16 port. To check more types and functions, please contact us now!

Advantages of Multiport Selector Valve

High Quality Materials Selection

RUNZE selector valves are made of sapphire valve spool which is totally different from any other selector valves on the market, it has a high hardness to reach the highest wear resistance and long service life even when switching solid particles in fluid systems.

Accurate Control Units

The selector valves are composed of a communication driver, high precision stepper motor, optical encoders to work together to achieve the most reliable control systems, also they are maintenance free for convenient use.

Wide Optional Configuration

Our selector valves are available of 6 port, 8 port, 10 port, 12 port, 16 port to handle different types of fluids to meet a variety of analysis applications, users can choose specific on according to how many fluids the system needs to handle.

Applications of Multiport Selector Valve

Selector valves, a type of multiposition valve and important fluid control equipment, are one of the high precision components in-lab systems, all the wetted materials are corrosion resistant to meet the needs of most fluidic systems. They are widely used in environmental analyzers, laboratory instruments, medical equipment, petrochemical systems, food and beverage vending machine, bio-pharmaceuticals analysis and metering. High stability is the most important factor, quality materials, complete software, high-quality molding and machining make these realized.

Runze is a professional peristaltic tubing manufacturer, we provide china syringe pump, multiport flow selector valve, multiport flow selectorand etc. Want to know more? Contact s now.

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