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ZECO is one of the professional gate valve manufacturers, specializing in the production of wedge gate valve and through conduit gate valve products, two types of API 6D production for nearly 30 years, ZECO technology also with China valve association secretary-general of the general and technical consultants are in the same year, other disciples which brought ZECO very powerful technical support, have also brought ZECO to interact with the technology of the Chinese valve association is very frequent, and it is why a solid technical force, ZECO obtained also have 30 a few related gate patents, participate in national valve standards there are 10 items. Among those motorized gate valve suppliers, ZECO valve provides high-quality products and deserves trust! The mainly conclude mov gate valve, motor operated gate valve, industrial gate valve, gear operated gate valveand so on.

Gate Valve For Sale List By Form

According to the structural form, the gate valve can be divided into Wedge gate valve, through conduit gate valve, slab gate valve, and industrial gate valve. The structure difference is distinguished by the wedge, the wedge and seat of wedge gate valve are degrees, generally, 3 degrees, 5 degrees, the wedge and seat of through conduit gate valve are parallel, through the medium pressure from floating seat or wedge to seal

As the gate valve company, we have gate valves for sale, If you want to know the gate valve priceor anything, please remember to contact us.

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As a industrial international standard valve, ZECO always adhere to exceed customer expectations, to provide customers with more value-added

services and products as the ultimate goal.

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