4 Inch Gate Valve

Description of 4 Inch Gate Valve:

ZECO 4 flanged gate valveis one of the most commonly used calibers. Gate valve in the line just switch effect, looks small, really small gate to pipeline protection as very important, although the gate valve switch is a long time, but the gate valve torque needed to light, in the case of an emergency, if only one person online, if go to close a 4 inch ball valve, may take the human is very big, if the manufacturing process is a little omission cause excessive torque, also likely won't open, but the gate by hand wheel operation, turn the handwheel to drive the stem promoted, this itself is a process of from, open is very light.

Features of 4 Inch Gate Valve:

  1. The stem of ZECO 4 inch flanged gate valveadopts T-head which is integral, This is much stronger than threaded or welded stem and is less prone to high pressure bending;
  2. The stuffing box of ZECO 4 inch gate valve is deep enough to ensure sufficient packing to keep the stem sealed for a long time. Standard installed stuffing box design requirements meet < 100ppm unorganized emissions requirements, ZECO environmental protection has been ISO 14001 certification, to a sense of social responsibility of the enterprise obligations;
  3. The handwheel design of ZECO 4 inch gatevalve makes valve be easy to operate, in the manual operation process to use the power up.Turbine drives, electric and pneumatic devices are also available;
  4. ZECO 4 inch gate valve has been sent to all parts of the world, and have been well received by users of oil companies and natural gas companies. ZECO has won the recognition of users around the world and long-term cooperation opportunities with its quality.

Material of 4 Inch Gate Valve:








Seat Ring

ASTM A182 F316 + STL






ASTM A276 316


Bonnet Gasket

Graphite + SS316


Bonnet Bolt

ASTM A193 B7


Bonnet Nut

ASTM A194 2H






ASTM A182 F316


Stem Packing

Reinforced Graphite




As a valve group, ZECO always adhere to exceed customer expectations, to provide customers with more value-added.services and products as the ultimate goal.

ZECO Valve Group is established in 1991, as a industrial valve manufacturer in Shanghai, China. We have 5 valve factories in China, which are located in Shanghai, Yancheng and Wenzhou, which mainly produce and supply wedge gate valves, through conduit gate valves, floating ball valves, trunnion mounted ball valves, globe valves, swing check valves, swing check valves, dual plate check valves and forged steel valves. Valve sizing 1/2" to 88", rating 150LB through 2500LB, served covering oil, gas, chemical, energy, refinery, LNG, LPG and many other fields. With the growing need, ZECO Valve supplierdeveloped our own laboratory for research & development for international standard valve design innovation and vertification, which includes PT, MT, UT, FE test. ZECO Valve Group is a humble and united team, to be more diligent and progressive to show the itegrity to our clients.

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