Cast iron filteris an indispensable device on the pipeline of conveying medium. It is usually installed at the inlet end of pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, positioning valve or other equipment to eliminate impurities in the medium and protect the normal operation of valves and equipment and reduce equipment maintenance costs. Cast iron filters are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, papermaking, medicine, food, mining, electric power, urban, household and other gas fields.

Types of Cast Iron Filter for Sale

The followings are different kinds of cast iron filters provided by Mstnland, a professional valve supplier in China.

Y-type Internal Thread Cast Iron Pipeline Filter

Y-type Flanged Cast Iron Pipe Filter Pattern

The Installation and Maintenance of Cast Iron Filter

Cast iron filters should normally be installed before the regulator and must be installed according to the direction of gas flow marked on it;

The cast iron filter is composed of washable synthetic material. When installing the filter, pay attention to the cover that can be easily opened for cleaning and inspection;

Cast iron filters can be installed on horizontal and vertical pipes, do not install the filter on an unstable foundation;

Before overhauling, please make sure that there is no gas in the cast iron filter, then remove the filter, wash it with soapy water, dry it naturally, and then reinstall it.

After installation, a tightness test must be done.

When ventilating, the instantaneous air volume should not be too large.

The cast iron filter element can be cleaned with a small amount of detergent and water.

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