Control Ball Valves

Weidouli Control Ball Valvescontain an On-off control ball valve(O type ball design) and a Control Segment ball valve(V type ball design).

The on-off control ball valve is evolved from plug valve, the opening and closing parts is a ball, using the ball goes around the axis of the stem 90 degrees to achieve the air of opening and closing. The on-off control ball valve is mainly used for cutting, rolling, distributing, and changing the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline.

Control Segment ball type control valveis designed as V-shaped ball openings, having good flow controllability. Segment ball has shearing action with metal seat. The ball valve is applicable in some fluids such as Fibers, micro granules and slurry etc. Sealing face is self-clearance. When the ball rotates away from the seat, the fluid in the pipe will averagely flow through the ball sealing face in 360 degrees. This design can avoid the scouring on the seat and wash away the accumulation, namely the self-clearance.

The Features of Control Ball Valves

The ball valve stem is hardened to form a protective film on the surface, which improves the corrosion resistance and surface hardness, and makes the switch flexible and not easy to scratch.

Three layer-sealing protections at the packing: back seal, O-ring seal, packing seal

Anti-leakage packing and packing box

The packing and seat employ imported PTFE or flexible graphite as the material

Fire-safe and anti-static

Blowout-proof stem

V-type gland flange

Floating or Trunnion structure

ISO 5211 mounting pad

Weidouli Valves Co., Ltd., is a professional v shaped valve balls factory, we provide valve for sale, Gate Valves, strainer valve, china check valves, etc. Contact us to know more.

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