Laminated Blockout Banner AD301M

The Laminated Blockout Banner AD301M features a composite construction of two layers of PVC and a black layer in between, which enables it to achieve a high level of opacity. This makes it a popular choice for sign-making and advertising production. With its high-strength mesh PVC textile, the AD301M banner material delivers exceptional durability and superior strength, while its hot-melt adhesive guarantees a strong bond. This PVC advertising banner is suitable for use in both internal and external lightboxes, and depending on the transmittance of light and the position of the light source, it can be categorized into inner light box cloth, outer light box cloth, and grid cloth. Thanks to its exceptional blackout capabilities, unbeatable durability, and hot-lamination process, the Laminated Blockout Banner AD301M is a reliable and optimal choice for creating top-quality signage and advertisements that will last for an extended period.

Specifications of Laminated Blockout Banner AD301M



DIN EN ISO 2060,ASTM D1907

Weave Method
















L*: 93.0±2.0; a*:-1.0±2.0; b*: 1.0±2.0


Tensile Strength

MD:≥1100N/5cm CD:≥1100N/5cm


Tear Strength

MD:≥200N CD:≥170N


Flame Resistance







Laminated Blockout Banner AD301M Size



DIN EN ISO 3759, ASTM D751-2006


50 m


DIN EN ISO 3759, ASTM D751-2006

Compatible Inks

Compatible Inks


Eco solvent


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