PCD sintering drilling bit for CFRP/GFRP

PCD sintering drill bits products are suitable for different grades of aluminum alloys and CFRP/GFRP materials.

And can be used in abrasive materials in the automotive, aerospace and all composite material processing industries to meet the high quality requirements for drilling.

Application of PCD drilling tools

-Different kind of CFRP materials -GFRP materials -Very abrasive material -High quality holes


CFRP is notoriously difficult to machine without delamination, uncut fibers and fiber pullout.

Compared with traditional coated tools, even at higher cutting parameters, not only the process is more reliable but also the blade life is longer

Using advanced PCD sintering technology to achieve a high degree of process reliability and stability

The outlet of the processed hole has almost no breaks and burrs, and the surface quality of the hole wall is good; For composite materials processing, minimize the risk of delamination

PCDsintering drill bits cutter body are made of fine-grained carbide material, PCD cutting edge is sharper, while bringing higher machining quality and longer tool life.

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