Disc Wafer Check Valve

ZECO Valve Group, founded in 1991 with focus on manufacturing china water valve, including control valves, balancing valves, gate valve, butterfly valves, check valves, and air valves. Valve sizing 1/2” to 88”, rating BS 10bar through BS 25bar, served covering buildings & construction, waterworks, fire protection and many other fields. ZECO has excellent product quality and sound managing system.

Basic information of Disc Wafer Check Valve

This china wafer check valvecan prevent the backflow of the medium, prevent the pump and its drive motor reversal, and discharge of the medium in the container.

Features of Double Disc Wafer Check Valve

  1. 2. Small size, light weight, its weight is only the traditional flange check valve 1/4~1/20;3. Disc closes quickly and the water hammer pressure is low;4.The horizontalor vertical pipe can be used, easy to install.

Principle of Disc Wafer Check Valve

Due to the composition of the valve body, disc, cover, etc., the disc opens under the action of hydraulic pressure and is restricted to the convex table of the cover. The fluid passes outside the disc.

Installation and Commissioning of Disc Wafer Check Valve

As one of the leading wafer check valve manufacturers, the installation position, height and inlet and outlet direction of the valve must meet the design requirements. Note that the direction of medium flow should be consistent with the arrow direction marked on the valve body, and the connection should be firm and tight. For specific use, please consult ZECO Valve Group.

Product scope, Standards & Materials of Disc Wafer Check Valve

Size Range: 2"~12"Pressure Rating: 10bar ~ 25barFace to Face Dimensions: EN 558-2008Flange End Dimension: EN1092-2, ISO 7005-2Coating: Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating Inspection and Test: EN 1074-1 and 2, EN 12266

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