Almond Extract

Almond Extract has been used in cosmetic, health care products and pharmaceutic fieldNAT Code: NAT-007Plant Part Used: Seed (Dried, 100% Natural)Latin Name: Armeniaca vulgaris LamMain Spe.: 5:01Test Method: 90%-98% Amygdalin:HPLCAppearance & Color Fine white or off white powderOdor & Taste CharacteristicSolubility Partially soluble in waterWhat Is Almond Extract?Amygdalin, also known as laevomandelonitrile or laetrile, is isolated from the seeds of the tree Prunus dulcis, also known as bitter almonds. Since the early 1950s, a modified form of amygdalin has been promoted under the names laetrile and "Vitamin B17" as a cancer cure. In reality, neither amygdalin nor any derivative such as laetrile is in any sense a vitamin. Laetrile is the purified form of the compound amygdalin, which is found naturally in fruits and vegetables, particularly in the apricot pits and bitter almonds.Functions And Benefits Almond Extract1. Amygdalin can Inhibit the respiratory center, cough, and asthma.2. Amygdalin can Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.3. Amygdalin can Anti-tumor effect.4. Amygdalin can Lower blood sugar, hypolipidemic.5. Amygdalin Has the effect on cough, asthma, chest full of phlegm, blood-Chun, dry, dry bowel constipation.6. Amygdalin Elimination of pigmentation, freckles, dark spots, so as to achieve the effect of beauty.Applications1. When in health food field, Almond Seed extract is widely used in food additives industry, which can be added into the dairy, beverage health care products, pastries, cold drinks, jelly, bread, milk and so on;2. When in cosmetics field, Amygdalin is a kind of treatment for anti-skin cancer;3. Almond Seed extract, vitamin B17 can also be used in pharmaceutical field.

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