Medical Protective Clothing

Medical protective clothing refers to the medical protective clothing used by medical staff (doctors, nurses, public health personnel, cleaning staff, etc.) and people entering specific medical and health areas (such as patients, hospital visitors, personnel entering infected areas, etc.). The function of disposable protective clothing for medical use is to isolate germs, harmful ultrafine dust, acid and alkaline solutions, electromagnetic radiation, etc., to ensure the safety of personnel and keep the environment clean.


Advantages Of Medical Protective Clothing

100% Dustproof Performance Can Effectively Prevent Harmful Ultrafine Dust

100% dustproof performance can effectively prevent harmful ultrafine dust, high concentration inorganic acid, alkali and salt solution.


Medical Protective Clothing Are Durable

Medical disposable protective clothing are durable, tear-resistant and wear-resistant, comfortable to wear, soft, light, breathable, lint-free, anti-pollution, and have good anti-static properties.


Good Air Permeability

Good air permeability, even if sweating due to work stress, the protective clothing for coronavirus will evaporate well. It will not affect the work due to physical discomfort, but it is unidirectional. Medical overalls can exclude water-based liquids and aerosols.


Made Of 100% High-density Polyethylene

The protective clothing for virus is made of 100% high-density polyethylene, without fillers, adhesives, and silicon.


The Surface Is Smooth And Repels Inorganic Liquids

The surface of protective clothing for medical use is smooth and repels inorganic liquids, prevents chemical substances from splashing, and makes solid dust difficult to adhere.


SICHUAN LONGHUI MEDICAL DEVICE CO., LTD., founded in 2013, is a professional enterprise engaged in the sales of various medical instruments, equipment and consumables. As one of the best chinese health companies, we provide ppe face mask, protective face mask and etc. Want to know what is the purpose of protective clothing,why is it important to wear protective clothing Please contact us.


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