N95 Face Mask

The N95 mask is one of the nine particulate protective masks certified by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health). N95 is not a specific product name. As long as it meets the N95 standard and passes the NIOSH review, it can be called an masker niosh n95. The blue n95 mask can filter particles with aerodynamic diameter of 0.075µm±0.020µm with a filtration efficiency of more than 95%.


The n95 mask virus protection is one of the nine particulate protective masks certified by NIOSH, "95" means that when exposed to a specified number of special test particles, the particle concentration inside the mask is more than 95% lower than the particle concentration outside the mask. The value of 95% is not the average, but the minimum. N95 is not a specific product name. The protection level of N95 means that under the testing conditions specified in the NIOSH standard, the filtering efficiency of the mask filter material against non-oily particles (such as dust, acid mist, paint mist, microorganisms, etc.) reaches 95%.


Specification Of N95 Face Mask


Non woven fabric+Melt Blown Filter+Non woven fabric



Shelf Life:

2 years


White, Grey, Blue


Cup, cup with valve, fold-able, fold-able with valve



Application Of N95 Face Mask


The N95 antiviral mask can be used in Farm buildings, Mining, Weaving, Polishing, Pharmacy, Hardware, working with fiberglass, cement,etc. According to the shape of the mask, it is often divided into two types: cup type and folding type.


Advantages of N95 Face Mask

Quality Control

Antiviral face mask N95 has high requirements for manufacturing standards. In addition to the requirements for raw materials, there are also high requirements for the production environment of the manufacturer. We only cooperate with the top quality N95 mask manufacturer in China, and have reached a good cooperative relationship.


The N95 filter mask has a filtration efficiency of more than 95% for particles with an aerodynamic diameter of 0.075µm±0.02µm. The aerodynamic diameter of air bacteria and fungal spores mainly varies between 0.7-10 µm, which is also within the protection range of N95 masks. Therefore, the N95 medical mask can be used for the respiratory protection of certain particulate matter, such as dust generated during the process of grinding, cleaning and processing minerals, flour and certain other materials.


The N95 face mask is also suitable for the liquid or non-oily non-oil produced by spraying. Particulate matter of harmful volatile gas. It can effectively filter and purify the inhaled abnormal odors (except toxic gases), help reduce the exposure level of certain inhalable microbial particles (such as mold, anthracis, tuberculosis, etc.)


Used In A Variety Of Fields

N95 surgical mask is widely used in various medical institutions and are also a good choice for daily protection. The extremely high filtration rate effectively protects the health of the user. More and more people have learned about N95 disposable mask and choose to use it.


SICHUAN LONGHUI MEDICAL DEVICE CO., LTD., founded in 2013, is a professional enterprise engaged in the sales of various medical instruments, equipment and consumables. As one of the best china surgical companies, we provide protective masks, fda approved n95 respirators, protective face mask and 95 respirator and etc. Want to know difference between n95 and n99 mask or difference between kn90 vs n95 mask? Please contact us.


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